15 excuses we all make to avoid exercise

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Pull the other one! The things we'll say to avoid exercise... are you guilty of any of these?

‘I’ve not got the time’
‘I’ve hurt my back’
‘I’ve got the kids’

Oh, the excuses we all make to avoid exercising. And whilst some of them might have some truth behind them, we’re willing to bet that 90% of the time you really just can’t be bothered!

We’ve rounded up 15 of the worst reasons for not exercising that we’re all guilty of spinning at some time or another, (yes, us too!). From the plain naff to the downright ridiculous, some of these excuses are as bad as the dog eating your homework… and we’ve heard them all before.

We hope that after reading these you’ll see the error of your ways, and can have a little giggle at yourself too. We’ve also added a little advice on how to talk yourself around from your feeble excuse – so after reading this you really will have no excuse not to dig out the trainers!

Which of these reasons for not exercising do you spin when you can’t be bothered? Let us know in our comments section below and tell us if you’ve got any other excuses hidden up your sleeve!