How to face your fears

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Fear is a normal emotion.. it's a vital way for us to protect ourselves. But extreme fear can blight people's lives and that's when it's time to face your fears. Sometimes this means experiencing some bodily feelings that may seem unpleasant. But they are actually a sign that your body is working as it should. Once you know this, you can start to tolerate them as you make steps forward.
If you don't feel you can, then that's OK for now. You can maybe read about them to find out more, and take your own time to decide whether you want to face them. The choice of path to recovery is yours.
Dr Warren Mansell, psychology lecturer and author of Coping With Fear And Phobias

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hi ive been suffering panic attacks for a year now but ive recently started feelin faint im worried how do i no this is due to my panic attacks or i have a major health problem. i dont like going out and the feeling faint as happened twice now and the light headness lingers for ages even when im at home feelin safe and secure. do u have any advise please. thank you


Hi,I'm Hannah And I Have A Fear Of Busses,I Can't Go Near A Bus Stop Without Having A Panic Attack,And I Can't Get On A Bus At All. x

j beale

I have a friend thathas got a hernia in her stomach and it is massive and gettin bigger what help and advise can i give her

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