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Natural remedies for coughs and colds: Woman inhaling steam
Are you the kind of person that if there's a bug going round you'll catch it?

Many of us pick up the odd cold or stomach-ache every now and then but if you always get ill, have a lot of allergies or are constantly tired, you could have a weak immune system.

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ann westbrook

i also have an over active immune system,am suffering with a skin condition called nodular prurigo,drives me insane have tried everything under the sun in creams and steroids am at my wits end,the dermatologist now wants me to go on to a drug called ciclosporin and i am terrified of the drug as it will leave me open to a host of infections and as i don,t suffer the best of health am really concerned.Is there anyone out there with a miracle cure ann westbrook would be so grateful for any input


My comments are not on low immune systems but over active immune systems i have a disorder called jessners lymphacitic infiltrate of the skin this means im allergic to uva and also uvb rays. im commenting here as i can never find anything on the world wide web its very frustrating for myself and i can not go on a sun filled holiday i was just wondering if u had any information on this or cures thank you Diana McKibbin.


tried doing the quiz but it takes too long to get to the next question. My server's okay.

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