'It's tough when all you want to do is have a cigarette'

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Quitting smoking

I started smoking when I was 13. It would be a couple of ciggies round the back of the bike sheds.

There was a big gang of us and we'd smoke about 10 a day - I used to pinch a couple from my mum's pack.

Once you start that young, you're hooked, aren't you? It wasn't long before I was on 40 a day

I tried to stop seriously twice before. When I was about 24, I went to see a hypnotist. It worked for my mum, so I thought I'd give it a go. Like most people, it didn't do it for me and the effects only lasted a couple of days.

Then in 2002, I tried the Alan Carr method. I actually did pretty well that time and quit for nine months. Unfortunately, a family argument at Christmas stressed me out and I started again.

Last year, I realised that I want a family of my own for the first time - I've never wanted kids before now.

I discovered from reading leaflets that you ought to stop for at least a year before trying to have kids, so that was my incentive.

I decided to arm myself with as much information as possible and do it properly this time.

I signed up at my local surgery for my local NHS Stop Smoking Service, where you go once a week to help keep the momentum going.

I also saw the surgery nurse, who really helped loads. She measured the CO (carbon monoxide) levels in my lungs every week so I could see the improvement and she was always there to talk to when things were difficult.

I also signed up for a free NHS programme called 'Together', where you get support at important times by text, post, phone or email.

It was pretty tough and emotional and at some points it's difficult to stay rational, when all you want to do is have a cigarette.

That's when all the support you get from the NHS really helps. Even if you think you're going out of your mind, there's someone to talk to.

The first time I realised it was making a difference was when I could walk up the stairs without feeling out of breath.

I had a couple of sneaky fags early on, but haven't smoked one in the last 9 months.

I've got more energy than ever and that itself gives me more incentive to keep it going.

Not many people quit the first time, so I feel lucky that I did it in one go this time round.

Emma Haskell, 33, is from Gosport

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Emma l

using patches really doesnt help at all i have just done it without anything and i now feel great so just try your will power guys.

Dave McCormick

Three years ago I was rushed into hospital with a burst appendix.Within four hours of admittance the operation was completed. The following day i struggled out of bed and made my way into the nearest street for a cigarette.Sitting on a wall with my fellow smokers,I suddenly realised the position I was in. Inside the hospital,medical staff were doing their best to prolong my life, while I was doing the opposite. So, I knew smoking was not allowed in my ward and decided to try and stop killing myself. Since then,I have been successful zero ciggies for the last 36 months,ok I still have a hankering for them but I know I now feel a lot better without them. Please try and follow my example!! Good Health and Good Luck.


Hi... This is my story and hope it helps; started smoking 1-2 when I was 18 and this esscalted to 6-7 daily. I am willing to bet most smokers hate the habit, let alone other people hating it. I know I hated doing it and the 'control' cigarettes had on me but I never tried to give up until a fateful day. My car had been in an accident and when going to pick it up, I had to call a taxi. The taxi driver was holding a plastic pipe type contraption in his hand and inhaling from it every 30 seconds. I discovered that he was trying to give up smoking and this thing that he was puffing on was an inhalator to help him stop smoking. Just seeing the agony and desperation on the chaps face was my catalyst. I decided there and then, that was not gonna be me. That was 17 months ago. No gums no patches etc. Urges yes, never looked back. Just say no and mean it. Please try, actually try, and stop. Thank you for Reading this, any comments wecome.


hi ya ma name is lucille i started smoking when i was 7 now i 13 i carnt stop plz can ya give mee advice tar kkz cya ya soon and hope uv quit lol luv ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

miss blue

I wish I could quite smoking but I can't handle those 3 days of withdrawal. Isnt that stupid of me?

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