Fat attack fortnight - Day 5

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Salmon with herby tomatoes
1 red portion pot/50g Fruit 'n Fibre cereal served with milk from allowance and 1 tsp sugar, plus 1 kiwi fruit (V)

Mid-morning Power Snack
1 Dark Rye Ryvita Crispbread with 50g low-fat salsa

1 low-fat beef or pork sausage (max. 5% fat) or 1 Quorn sausage, grilled, served with 1 yellow portion pot/115g baked beans, 115g grilled mushrooms and 1 slice toasted wholegrain bread (V)

Mid-afternoon Power Snack
2 satsumas

Grilled salmon with new potatoes: 1 x 175g salmon steak, grilled, plus 115g boiled new potatoes (with skins) and unlimited green vegetables (V)

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Activity challenge
  • Do 30 consecutive minutes of energetic housework, gardening or car washing
  • Do 10 minutes of toning exercises (see Days 1, 4, 5, 7, 10)

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michelle reid

hi i am wanting to follow the hip and thigh diet but i can trouble eating vegtables and fish, id love nothing better than to eat them but just cant and i can only eat certain fruits please help thanks x

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