Fat attack fortnight - Day 6

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Creamy smoked salmon pasta
1 yellow portion pot/125ml unsweetened fruit juice; 1 slice toasted wholegrain bread topped with 1 yellow portion pot/115g baked beans (V)

Mid-morning Power Snack
1 small banana

1 yellow portion pot/45g (uncooked weight) or 1 red portion pot/110g (cooked weight) boiled pasta shapes tossed with 50g smoked salmon strips and 1 yellow portion pot/135g virtually fat free fromage frais with chopped fresh dill, plus green salad

Mid-afternoon Power Snack
1 Dark Rye Ryvita Crispbread with 50g low-fat salsa

Vegetable chilli: 1/2 x 410g can Stagg Vegetable Chilli served with 1 blue portion pot/55g (uncooked weight) or 1 red portion pot/144g (cooked weight) boiled basmati rice, plus salad (V)

Activity challenge
  • Do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise (work out at a class, to fitness DVD, or on cardio equipment at the gym), or play energetic game such as football or tennis for 30-40 minutes
  • Do 2 x 6 reps of press-ups:
Position yourself on hands and knees, hands in line with shoulders and knees directly under hips. Pull tummy in to support back and then bend elbows, taking forehead towards floor. Lift up again without locking elbows at top

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