Fat attack fortnight - Day 13

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Pork and green bean stir-fry
1 whole grapefruit or 200g canned grapefruit in natural juice plus 1 slice toasted wholegrain bread spread with 1 tsp jam, honey or marmalade (V)

Mid-morning Power Snack
1 peach

1 x 175g sweet potato baked in its skin and topped with 1 blue portion pot/100g low-fat cottage cheese mixed with 1 tsp chilli sauce, chopped red onion and peppers, plus small salad (V)

Mid-afternoon Power Snack
2 satsumas

Spicy chicken stir-fry: Cut 1 x 115g skinless chicken breast into strips and dry-fry with unlimited sliced vegetables (e.g. onions, peppers, carrots and beansprouts). Just before serving add soy sauce to taste plus 1 tbsp sweet chilli dipping sauce. Serve with 1 blue portion pot/55g (uncooked weight) or 1 red portion pot/144g (cooked weight) boiled basmati rice

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Activity challenge
  • Do 30 minutes of energetic chores such as car washing, housework or gardening
  • Play energetic game, such as tennis or football, for 15 minutes or go for a 20-minute brisk walk or bike ride

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