Rosemary Conley's Phase 2 - Treats

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Chocolate bar
More than 5% fat:
(approx. 100 calories)
24g bag Kettle Crispy Bakes Mild Cheese with Sweet Onion
25g bag Walkers Squares Ready Salted
1 Tesco Crazy Caramel Treat Size Cake Bar
1 Cadbury Highlights Toffee Flavour Cake Bar
1 McVities Hob Nob
1 Tesco All Butter Traditional Scottish Shortbread Finger
1 Cadbury Dairy Milk Less than 99 kcal bar
1 Boots Shapers Crispy Caramel Bar 99 kcal

5% or less fat:
(approx. 100 calories)
1 Asda Good For You Chocolate or Cherry Bakewell Slice
1 Sainsbury's Lemon Cake Slice
1 Tesco Healthy Living Lemon Drizzle Cake Slice
1 Asda Good For You Cherry Bakewell Slice
1 Mr Kipling Delightful Blueberry Cake Bar
1 Mr Kipling Delightful Apple Slice
1 Morrisons Eat Smart Carrot Cake Slice
1 Tesco Healthy Living Date & Walnut Cake Slice
1 The Skinny Cow Triple Chocolate lolly
1 Wall's Solero Smoothie strawberry and banana

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