Vitamins and minerals: Vitamins E and K

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Vitamin E

RDA = 3 mg for women and 4 mg for men
Also known as: Tocopherol
What's it good for? Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and this is the reason it's good for your insides as well as your skin. Basically, having too many toxins in your body can cause infections and bugs, antioxidants get rid of them. This helps with spots, rashes, eczema, fighting infections and is good for anti-ageing.
What happens if I don't get enough? Not enough Vitamin E can lead to weak muscles and fertility problems.
Where can I get it from? Nuts, soya beans, broccoli, sprouts, spinach, eggs and wholemeal products. It's also in vegetable oil.

Foodmg of vitamin B12
A handful of Brussel sprouts0.79
1 large egg0.52
A handful of soya beans0.6
Olive oil (tbsp)1.94

Vitamin K

RDA = 0.001 mg per kg of body weight - a very small amount
What's it good for? Vitamin K helps wounds heal properly because it's used for blood clotting. It's also been linked with strengthening your bones.
Why is it given to newborn babies? There's a rare disease called Vitamin K deficiency bleeding, which only affects approximately 1 in 10,000 babies. It is almost completely preventable by giving newborns extra vitamin K after birth.
Where can I get it from? Green leafy veg like broccoli and spinach. Small amounts are also in pork and cheese. Our body produces it through the bacteria in our intestines as well.

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