Vitamins and minerals: Vitamin Q10

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Vitamin Q10

RDA = There isn't a set amount that is recommended you have each day.
Also known as: Co-enzyme Q10 or ubiquinone. You might be familiar with the name because it is some anti-ageing creams.
What's it good for? It's a good antioxidant and can help with weight loss but recent reports claim that it maintains natural energy levels, boosts your heart, health and immune system and can add years onto your life.
What happens if I don't get enough? A lack of Q10 will mean that your general health will get worse and you might pick up a lot more colds or bugs. It could also lead to high blood pressure and other heart diseases.
Where can I get it from? Beef, soy, mackerel, sardines, spinach, peanuts and vegetable oil. It's also naturally produced in your liver and you can get supplements from health food shops.

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