20 little changes to make a better you

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What's the secret behind how to be a better person? We've spoken to Oliver Gray, health and energy expert, who's let us in on a few secrets. His 20 little changes will help you to become a better you...

We’d all like to know how to be a better person, wouldn’t we? And whilst we know that nobody’s perfect (thanks Jessie J), it would still be nice for all of us to find some ways of becoming a better person.

People often mistake becoming a better person for having to do impressive acts of charity, gruelling fitness regimes or go to huge expense to prove that you’re a good person. But actually, the secret to how to be a better person really lies in the small things in life. It’s the little thank you’s and small and simple acts of everyday kindness that can really make a difference, not only to others, but to your own general sense of wellbeing.

Health and energy expert, Oliver Gray, (energiseyou.com) believes that there are some small changes you can make to your life that will re-energise you and make you feel great. In his latest book, ’Energise You’, Oliver explains the simple changes you can make to your life to boost your health, happiness and energy. Flick through our gallery to reveal his secrets into how to be a better person.

Who knew that just 20 little changes could make an altogether, better you?