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We all have dreams every now and then which really stick in our minds. Ever dreamt about an ex-partner that you haven't thought about in years? How about the one we all hate...finding yourself naked in public! An odd dream can leave us wondering all day what on earth is going on in our heads.

Sometimes the meanings behind these weird scenarios aren't quite as obvious as you might think, so before you start worrying that you're really in love with the postman, read our guide to making sense of some of the most common dreams we all have.

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An ex-partner
Teeth falling out
Being naked in public
Being chased
Sex with someone 'odd'
Being lost
Someone that's died
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I was tryin to spank this little girl Idkk who she was but it was bc she was threw a rock at my head and started throwing golf balls (so weird)but she ran from me and I was trying to catch her and she walked in like quick sand dirt and she just sunk and I had her by her arm and couldn't save her and this woman pulled her out and she didnt make it .. And I just woke up bawling my eyes out


hi I had a dream that my husband lied to me and had someone else in the house wen I wasn't in and I found out and told him not to come home again as he was forever keeping stuff from me what could this mean pls help


Look, ALL your Dreams dont Really Happen, Thats why they're called DREAMS!!!!! Anyway, in you're 'real' life thery dont either. We;re all in the Matrix, or is it a coincidence you ended up reading this???? Dont throw yourself off a building to prove i'm right, I might be liar! Ho Ho Ho. I might not, anyway, why didnt 'Jesus', or 'Mohammed' write their own version of the Bible, Koran? Because its bullshit!!!!!! Wake up!

Peggy Lafferty

Its the fact she woke you up in the middle of a dream. You cant remember because your eyes were opened, so you couldn't see it in your head, nor real life... happened to me, and to my bf, nothing to worry abojt.


My girlfriend told me she woke up in the middle of the night & I was lying on my side looking at something in my room,she asked me wat I was looking at & I replied who is that,she asked me again wat I was talking about & I continued to ask her who they were standing at the bottom of my bed at her side of the bed & I was able to point out were they were.she was very freaked out as I was staring at something & we r unaware of wat it was & for how long I was doing it! I don't remember any of this but I was fully conscious as in my eyes were fully open but I can't remember any of this! Can anyone enlighten me as friends & family think its strange.has anyone had anything similar happen to them? Thanks


I've had this dream for already five years it's a woman in a forty wedding dress just standing and looking at me I try to speak to her she doesn't respond but in every dream she gets closer and closer to me she has toucjed my wrist before and has left a hand print I really don't know what she wants or who she is I need to know what she wants can anyone help me with a response?


i have been having alot of weird dreams lately i had a dream the other night that this girl i knew came up an handed me a frog an the dream ended their was nothing else in the dream just her an the frog

Kimmi Bouse

I keep dreaming I have a turkey foot or partial leg coming out of my stomach & I have to have surgery to remove it


I had a dream last night that I had a fight with my father and younger brother who have the same name, I ended up beating them both, My father died 5 years ago and we wasnt speaking at the time of his death. My younger brother and I dont speak either and havent for around 6 years. Can anyone shed any light on this please.


i dreamed that my mum smoked


In my dream I walk into my living room and all my family photos have been removed from the wall. This has really scared me does anyone know anything to help me figure it out


in my dream it starts that i woke up in my bed room and saw a horrible face women or something i don't remember standing near me and staring me and some times she pulls me towards her. it was so horrible. the dream ends here. but when i get up my mother tells me about my screams.. please help me


in my dream it starts off in a black room I can not seen anything but I red line, the red line if thin and I have to walk on it and don't no what happens if I don't, next im still on the line but I can hear a baby crying as I get closer it gets louder, I see a cot as I look over it is the is no one in it and the crying stops I carry one walking on the line and the is a old woman in a sitting there looking really said and lonely I can not speak to her only see her as the line dose not go up to her then it stops. but one time I did not wake up and I went on just once im still on the line I see a big kenetic balls banning and I can not hear anything as it is so loud I wake up and my ears are ringing and I feel really fun help me pleas


I had a dream that the world ended but i woke up laughing. I also had another dream that i was going out with this girl i know (i dont love her) and part way into the dream she ran of and then this guy appeared and i murdered him in quite a brutal way and then i walked away like nothing happened and found the girl i was going out with (in the dream) and my friend was with her. i woke up really confused. Do these dreams mean anything???

Angela Mortimer

the other dream is my mum (deceased), daughter and myself are in a building with other people, and i am bitten by a bat on my right arm. the next morning i actually have 1 bruise and 2 small marks above it.

Angela Mortimer

i have had the same dream for the last 5 days. i am looking after a little boy and what ever injuries the little boy gets (a cut or a bruise), i get, his family know this, and lock me in their house, so i cant escape.

Pixie Moore

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Right ive been havin sum proper weird dreams, It starts: i have a girl she is about 8 r 9 mounth i can rember changer her in a freinds house then it skips on shes about 12 r 13 now her freinds now she has a sercet door in her cupboard which she uses to go out and see her mates i rember her runnin through each room tryin to find the cupboard then she sayes its in my room but she cant find it somethings chasing her ( i dont know wot) then iam in bed i her something so i open my door and she is sittin under the hot top with the water runnin on to her her so i run through the landing and grad her she is so lifeless i hold her on my lap and she comes bk round but her eyes r pure black and her teeth r becoming sound and sharp. she starts screaming to get them out so i try but thay wont move(this isent the first time i have had this dream but thay r all along the same lines but this beanin the 1 thats stuck in my head ist weird i can still see her teeth) then i cant rember anything after that but every time i have this dream it last longer another part is added on plz help

Jolene goodtoknow Editor

Sounds like your guy friend is thinking about you a lot, Kels?


i didn't have the dream , one of my guy friends from school just hit me up & told me that he's been thinking about me & had a dream about me . he said that he had a dream that me & him had a Little boy , we lived together and had a family .. what does this mean though ?


Means you want to most likely have sex in public


The other night i had a dream about my x that i am still madly in love with but were kinda going through somethings and are not together right now. He is still in love with me as well and we try to spend time with each other as much as we can its just neither of us are really ready to settle down right now. I had a dream the other night that him and my sister became room mates weird tell me about it lol not sure why but then after my mother and me had helped her move in with him and we were about to leave he looked at me and asked if i was staying the night with him mean while we were not speaking at the time because of an argument (in this dream) i told him i guess so if he wanted me to and i went home to shower up and get clothes came back to their house and he was not there my sis let me in and i waited there in the living room for him to get home when he walked in the door to my surprise he walked in with twin 4 year olds both with red hair VERY beautiful and very good. I have known him for over a year and he never once told me about them. I looked at him and met the girls then WOKE UP im not sure what this whole dream was about but it will not leave my head please can anyone help me try to understand this dream.


last night i had a dream that me and this guy i like where in coles and i was sitting on his lap and then he felt my breast what does i mean?


Help! I'm having this super2x terrifying dream about being chase by a human( not exactly a normal human) it looks like a DEAD human. I always end up crying when I woke up from my dream. In my dreams the dead is chasing everyone and ends up killing everyone until I was the only one left. I was very scared because I couldn't find any place to hide not until I found this house which is full of hidden little doors but I can't find a way out and the dead can sense me. I don't want to dream about this anymore, can anyone please help??;(


Last night, I dreamt that I was saying a speech and halfway through it, some famous people came to me and said that they needed me to sing to sing in their show, so they took me away and my guy friend came running after me swearing and saying that these guys were murderers, so he grabbed me out of their vehicle and blew the vehicle up before the guys could even get out the vehicle and then my guy friend won R1000000.

missing you

I dreamed my foot was being bitten by a snapping turtle. I was screaming for my husband to come help me (he died approx. 14 month ago) he never came to help me. What does this mean?


I keep having this dream about a guy I used to go to school with, and in the dream I'm almost obsessed with him. I keep looking for him and trying to talk to him, this is about the 20th time I've dreamt about him.what does this mean?


When you have the same dream more then once, that means that your soul can't forget or can't understand the meaning to it


I think that might be that someone needs your help, but you aren't able to help because of some reason you have towards that person that you don't want to get in


I dreamed that my husband's little brother jumped to my stomach (he is his half brother from his dad) and maybe kill my unborn baby and i screamed and cried, and then my family in law was mad at me for screaming at him, and they were all mad at me while I was wondering if my baby still alive. What does it mean ?


in my latest dream I was on a flat slab with Hoodie from creepypasta. I had dropped my headband and ran back for it but he caught me and carried me towards a pile of straw, then I challenged my brother to a game of pool against Masky from creepypasta. this was just after I watched the marble hornets episode when hoodie dies.

Nikola Western

i dreamt i was on a mission somewhere and my mode of transport, destination and purpose kept changing into weirder and weirder things. it was unbelievably vivid


i saw a dream in dream my papa give me a cup of milk he is now more what is meaning that


I dreamt of finding a basket full of labradorite silver pendents in beautiful shapes. what does the dream mean ?


I dreamed that my bf put me out n I woke up n the hospital beated up,, I had this dream 3 times already


Im married an love my husband but ever sence he went to jail i be dreamin with a guy i meet in church wat does it mean???


I dreamnt that my husband died..I had this dream 2x in one night


My friend drramt that me and her were related and i went to her house and insulted her idol then she hit me then i said if you touch me again i'll rip your poster then she poked me and i ripped it and then she got sad and ran away and there was this girl eating eegs then i got her a new poster and apologized to her and then we hugged and she said let's go to florida and that was the end of the dream


I had a dream my daughter felt sick I went down to get a bucket come back up and she had falling out of bed laying in sick having a fit ... I need to no what this means as its scared me


I had a dream my boyfriend cheated what doed that mean


I had a dream that somthin was moving in my stomach and it was poking against my skin then was removed from my right side and it was a Wierd metal thing.... Wierd


hiiiiiiiiiii i saw a dream that from my breast nipples water is coming then i asked my sister in dream why is coming she said it cums before milk i was lyk i m only 11 then i woke up i asked her she said that u ma bey think abt sex but i dont think abt it at all then how plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me and also i see every day that im pregnant but why n how ??????????????? plzzzzzzzz leave a reply for me plzzzzzzzz ????????

Yvonne Chomos

I had a dream my husband woke me up saying the Angel saved me from the devil do you see the Angel do you see the Angel do you see the Angel.... What does it mean


I had a dream that my dead uncle came to help me prepare my bed . What does that mean please .

Charlotte Bright

My friend dreams that she's at the dentist and she will only let me give her the injection, I'm wearing a grey cardi and I'm really gentle. What does this mean?

Wireded out

i dreamed that i was running for my life from some one that was trying to kill me he grabbed my wrist befor i woke what does this mean?


i dream that i rub my stomach and i felt a kick


I dreamed that i was in the bathroom mirror doing my hair without a short or bra and my breast had a dark black ring around it. Like some dissease.was taking over


I keep dreaming I'm being thrown through a window by a ghost, I have no idea who this ghost is or where I am, this is 3 nights on the run now?

Serena laraè

Hi i had a dream that my step father was telling off my mother (just like all the other times) so in my dream i was telling him to stop! N my step father was talking so much crap(excuse my language) he was siting down on like a black chair then i was so angry i punched him sooo HARD! On the mouth i broke his nose and jaw..WHAT DOES THIS MEAN I HAVE TO KNOW PLEASE!!???!?!???

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