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We all have dreams every now and then that really stick in our minds. Ever dreamt about an ex-partner that you haven't thought about in years? How about the one we all hate - finding yourself naked in public? An odd dream can leave us wondering all day what on earth is going on in our heads.

Sometimes the meanings behind these weird scenarios aren't quite as obvious as you might think, so before you start worrying that you're really in love with the postman or have sleep problems, read our guide below to make sense of some of the most common dreams we all have...

Dreams about: An ex-partner

Dreaming of an ex-partner can make you feel really guilty, especially if you wake up lying next to someone else. The first thing many people think when they've had a dream like this is that on some inner level, they're still hung up on the person in question. Luckily this isn't always the case.

Often when a relationship ends messily, it's tempting to completely shut the person out of your mind and erase all traces of them from your life. In your dreams, issues you didn't deal with at the time may reappear and give you an opportunity to assess things you'd otherwise blocked out. Whilst it may be frustrating to dream about someone you feel you have moved on from completely, it can be a good chance to deal with issues you have repressed surrounding the break-up and gain real closure on the relationship.

Dreams about: Your teeth falling out

Losing your teeth is a dream lots of us have had. Sometimes the dream starts off with teeth having already fallen out. Other versions of this dream can be the teeth dropping out one-by-one. Both are unpleasant but what do they mean?

The main interpretation of a teeth-loss dream is that you're concerned about losing your looks. Have you recently found a new cluster of grey hairs or feel like your wrinkles are deepening? Something as simple as this could trigger a dream of this sort. Menopausal women have been found to dream frequently about teeth loss and in this instance it represents their worries about growing old and losing their femininity.

Dreams about: Being naked in public

We've all had that dream where we're at work or in a busy public place when all of a sudden we realise we've forgotten to get dressed! The way we react to this in our dreams is key to working out the meaning.

If you're embarrassed beyond belief at your nakedness, this symbolises a vulnerability or embarrassment at a secret you are keeping from people close to you. You might be concerned that something you wish to keep hidden in real life is becoming more and more obvious and soon everyone will know.

Being naked at work or school can symbolise an unpreparedness for a task that you have to complete. Your lack of clothes means that you are worried about forgetting to do important things and the setting gives clues as to what area this relates.

If, on the other hand, you are strolling down the high street completely starkers and nobody bats an eyelid, this means that you needn't worry so much about things. You might be concerned about making a fool of yourself at an event or messing up at work but everyone ignoring your nakedness suggests that deep down you know that your fears are unfounded and everything will turn out OK.

Dreams about: Being chased

There's few scarier dreams than being chased. The most obvious and literal translation of such dreams are that you have a fear of being attacked. Often this is the extent of it, particularly if you've just watched a film or read a book with a similar theme.

A more psychological analysis is that you have an inability to confront issues in your life which need dealing with, and instead you tend to push them to one side or 'run away' from them. Next time you have a dream like this, ask yourself why the person is chasing you. Could this be related to something that scares or stresses you out from day-to-day?

Dreams about: Falling

Many people wake with a start after having a dream that they're falling. The common myth is that if you ever actually hit the ground, you'll die in real life but this, unsurprisingly, isn't true.

Falling dreams suggest that you have too much on your plate and are finding it hard to cope. Whether it be stresses at home or at work, something in your life is spiralling out of control and you're trying desperately to keep a hold of it.

Dreams like this can also indicate a fear of not living up to what's expected of you and failing in some way. So next time you wake up with a jump, think about what's worrying you in life and what you can do to resolve it.

Dreams about: Sex with someone 'odd'

Dreaming of having sex with the postman or a friend's husband can leave you flustered and confused, especially if you've genuinely never thought of them in that way. It's tempting to start thinking that maybe you harbour secret feelings which you weren't aware of, but before you go declaring your love, there could be another explanation.

It's likely that you see a trait in this person that you admire or wish that you had. Rather than indicating lustful thoughts, the intimacy is merely to do with you embracing these qualities and wanting them for yourself.

Dreams about: Flying

Flying dreams can be really fun, especially when you're soaring through the sky with ease.

When you dream you're flying and it seems like the most natural thing in the world, it indicates that you are on top of a situation and feel confident that you will succeed.

However, if you find yourself flapping around to stay up in the air, this could represent a struggle you face with some aspect in your life. Obstacles such as trees or mountains that get in your way represent particular people holding you back so next time you go crashing into a branch, think of it as a confrontation with someone and work out how to progress past them.

Dreams about: Water

Water is a popular thing to pop up in your dream and the form it takes can mean different things.

Seeing a waterfall means that you're about to enter into a new and positive stage in your life. All your old baggage is being washed away to make room for new challenges and exciting tasks ahead.

When dreaming of the sea, its vastness is said to indicate a big problem which you feel inept to tackle, or stresses that are taking you over.

However the water appears in your dream, its clarity is important, with murky water indicating illness and clear water signifying a realisation or acceptance of a new situation.

Dreams about: Being lost

Dreams where you are lost or are trying to find something that you have mislaid can be very frustrating.

The main indication of a dream like this is that you feel 'lost' in some aspect of your life. Have you been worrying about where your career is going or perhaps you're concerned about how a relationship with a partner has changed lately? This could be a good chance to assess where things are going.

Dreams about: Someone that's died

Being visited in our dreams by loved ones that have died can be comforting or upsetting, depending on how you look at it. Some people see it as a sign that the person is trying to communicate with them from the afterlife. Watch out for reading too much into this as it could lead to you obsessing over what they're trying to tell you.

Another thought is that it means you still need to deal with issues surrounding their death, even if it was a long time ago.

Whichever you choose to believe, it's clear that the person remains in your memories.

Dreams about: Babies

Dreaming about babies can mean lots of different things. A crying baby can be a sign that there's some area in your life where you need more attention. Or that there's a part of your life that's lacking focus and you need to set some goals for yourself.

Babies can also symbolise new beginnings. So don't worry if you're not planning a family, it may just mean you've got some exciting changes on the way!

Dreaming of a very small baby is said to show that you are afraid to let others see your fears and weaknesses. It could be a sign to talk to someone about your concerns and not to worry about letting others help you.

Dreams about: Animals

The animals in our dreams are representations of ourselves and how we're feeling. Different animals have different meanings.

  • Insects represent worries or team work
  • Bears represent hurdles or our inner strength
  • Birds represent happiness, good news and freedom
  • Alligators represents a warning
  • Spiders represent fortune and money
  • Cats, including tigers and lions, represent our feminine and intuitive sides
  • Dogs represent loyalty, generosity and friendship
  • Horses represent physical strength and sometimes arrogance
  • Snakes represent knowledge, wisdom and sexuality

  • Dreams about: Your own death

    Don't worry! Dreaming of your own death doesn't mean you're on your way out. It can symbolise inner changes and positive development in your life. There may be big things ahead of you that are slightly unexpected - often resulting in the end of something else.

    On a negative note, dying in your dreams may also mean you are in an unhealthy relationship you need to get out of.

    Dreams about: Dieting

    To dream of dieting doesn't mean you need to lose weight - it's more about the feeling we often associate with dieting.

    Continued below...

    It could mean that you are punishing yourself or feeling restrained from what you really want to do.

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    i had a dream once wher i was trying to run away from something but i couldtn runn but in my dream i was telling my self to run but no matter what i did i just couldnt run atall but i always ended up waking up before the "something" caught me! stangee :O please email mee! x


    iv had a dream that my husbond was having sex with a family friend none of us are close to her we only talk to her if we see heri dont no why iv dreamt about her it really maid me cry it had so much detail in everythink seemed real please email me


    Im having a night mare that i am drowning in all my loved ones bloods ii don't know why i am getting these nightmares but there really scaring me what can be the cause of this? email me please

    Linda Spalding

    I've been having a reoccuring dream that i have money in a bag that i have (flowery bag) and my daughter keeps her school books in that bag. Its full of thousands of pounds. Does this mean i might mean i will win some money? Please email back soon

    sarah farmer

    my daughter keeps having dreams that she is bein stung by bees and wasps.she is only 5 and never been stung before.she wakes up scrathing her body and it takes me about an hour to settle her again.can any 1 explain what is caysing this please.thanks


    I had a dream that my boyfriend ran off with his ex. What does that mean?


    I have this occuring dream, that my husband is having an affair with a women that i dont know.... Sometimes i wake up so angry and upset because it feels so real at the time. Its bugging me, does it mean he is has or going to, or does it mean nothing? Please could you email back thankyou.........

    Lynn x

    so..last night i had a dream about having a boyfriend (but i couldnt see his face?) and he was perfect and everything..but i dont get why i always dream of having a boyfriend and not acctually getting one? :/


    that i was in a old house, with loads of secret doors and passgae ways, id been there before and seen a ghost, and i was trying to get the ghost come back out aswell,, so i could see it agen,, but then there were these men, who found a secret code, and were trying to hide it from me,,??... See More


    I had this dream that there was a ghost in a cubical in the girls toilets of a place where my dad always used to go, but he's dead now, so could I be dreaming that the ghost is him? But why would he be in the girls toilets? And then a boy i know came running in, and opened a wall, i don't know why or how he opened the wall, but there was a big fire behind it, and the ghost disapeared into it, and then the fire stopped, and the wall shut again. What does this mean, It's really been annoying me :S


    i had a dream last night about my old freinds visiting me and staying there perminatly i have just been wondering what it meant it, felt very real when i woke uo becase i have not seen them in years


    Hi, I've had this dream about three times now. In this dream, there are yellow chairs one behind of eachother and I'm sitting in one of these chairs. They are moving forward and they are being held up by very long silver metal poles. The chairs are very high - so high that when you look down, it is black. The walls of this tall room are dark purple and I remember there is one single light on the ceiling. I also remember looking back and this girl sitting on the chair behind me. Please tell me what this means? Thank you. :D


    i had a dream that i kissed my brothers friend! i had butterflies when i woke up and sort of liked it! whats going on!?!?!


    i had dream i was living with my friends grandparents in a big blue house and out side on the door step was an elephant dancing for money :S i sat on the door step with an old friend and a stranger and because i let my friends draw in this colouring book i had my dad came over and gave the a bowl of sphaggetti, he then yelled at me for letting them draw in my book and served me a bowl of sphaggetti on a piece of carboard. i know this dream is realy weird. and thers alot going on but can you please email me as it is realy strange and i want to know what it means.


    i had a dream about this guy that i met in turkey i've fallen in love with him and he's soon going into the army but last night i dreamt that he was in my classes at school helping out i also had another dream that he was out of the army and he was back at work i waited for him to finish work and surprised him then we walked along the beach it was so romantic please tell me what it means!!


    I have a dream that my friend and his old friend come to my flat and start to fill the entire place with extravagant, ridiculously oversized antique furniture. I'm really unsure about this dream. Will you email me if you know what my dream meant?


    i had a dream that my partner had sex with his ex, in the dream i was shoutin at him gettin angry in front of my family which is really werid and then i feel asleep in my dream and woke up and he was lyin next to me and in my dream i asked him he told me i was dreamin and the i asked him again and he confessed. I thenn really woke from my dream and confussed what does this mean please email me, ASAP thank you


    I had a dream that i lived with the person i have a huge crush on but we wern't a couple, i was asleep and in the morning he brough me toast into my room and was acting normal; just himself. I ate the breakfast and got changes into a bikini. I went into his room with a chair and sat with him on his balcony, but he seemed really quiet and unusual. We were making little convosation so i asked him how his recent holiday was but he didn't answer. I am really confused about this, please email me!


    i had a dream about my idol getting married to my best friend, then i wake up for 5mins and go back to sleep where all of us are on a shiney black stage, my idol walks in i say hi and he walks back out, i follow him into a basket ball stadium, i ask my idol what is wrong, he says "nothing babe" and hugs me, i wake up again for 5 minutes, we are now in a gym and the room is coverd in the white fluffy bean bags, my idol is pregnant(my idol is Zac Efron) and me and my friends are all sitting in a horse shoe shape around him, me and my mates get kicked out of the gym, but i sneek back, he then gives birth to a frog. what does this mean i am so confused i need to know what it means please help.


    I had a dream that I was on tour with a new up coming band. We toured around the world and our tour bus would turn into a plane and a boat. So we never got off the bus or on anything else. There was my one of my sisters, the band and a ginger girl. I didnt know who the ginger girl was. I started to flirt with a band mate and everything was ok untill he started to flirt with the ginger girl. I felt so jealous and I woke up feeling jealous and angry. Before I woke up I remember finally getting off the bus and going to a huge house to sleep before we had to go to our next tour spot.


    I had a car crash about 8 weeks ago. I died twise broke my leg swine, hand, shatterd my pelvis had internal bleeding and swelling on the brain. Latley i have been having dreams about my crash as i cant remeber anythink, and i see a brown or black Owl fly past my front window of my car and i swerve and then wake up. Do you think an owl caused my accident or does it have a different meaning?


    I dreamt that I went into a small square room with my mother and brother and there was a ghost in there. The room went bright white and suddenly I was alone, I could sense there was a spirit with me and I felt more scared than I ever had. The room then started to fall quite fast (as if I was in a lift) and when it stopped I managed to get out and I was in the rear garden of the house I grew up in (which I no longer live in). I climbed over the back fence and above the horse field there was a aircraft (similar to the memphis belle but with inly 1 wing), I knew somehow that there were lots of spirits in the plane and they were trying to find me. I ran to the bus stop where I was alone at first then all of a sudden there were about 50 people crowding round all waiting for the bus. I phoned the police and cried at them for help saying "I am being attacked by spirits this is not a joke please come and help me". The people were all old faces from when I was younger (not people I was friends with but people I recognised (old neigbours etc)). tHE PLANE WAS CIRCLING ME AND IT WAS WOBBLING AS IT ONLY HAD ONE WING AND IT SEEMED THAT ANY MINUTE IT WAS GOING TO CRASH FROM THE SKY. iT WAS A BIZZARE DREAM AND WHEN i WOKE i REALLY FELT SCARED AND FELT LIKE i HAD BEEN CRYING FOR HOURS. I KNOW THERE IS A LOT OF STUFF IN THERE BUT DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT IT COULD SYMBOLISE OR REPRESENT??


    I just had a dream that i was running after someone with a sniper rifle and they was trying to shoot me but i caught them and got the rifle off of them and whilst running after them,shot them constantly in the lower back in which they collapsed on the ground leaving me with the large gun in which i tried to hide in a near by train station.


    I dreamt of catching my boyfriend and friend naked in our house in an embrace, what does this mean? please email Thanks


    I just had a dream last night about a guy i used to know and i fell in love with him he soon left school and moved home i lost contact and i keep dreaming about him that we meet up or we're dating what does this mean? please email me


    Im having a dream were im loosing all my teeth one by one. What can this mean?


    When i was younger i used 2 have the same dream 1nce every few weeks and i havn't had it for years. But i had it again last week and i am really curious about what it means as it is rather frightening, In my dream i am asleep in my room and i wake up and i look around and there is a fairground in my room and there is a strange music playing in the bakground.Then all the lights in the house start to flicker and a man steps off a merry-go-round and his face is all muddled up and in the wrong places. He has no nose and his eyes are pure white.. no colour. He has very long dirty fingernails and he started to run them across the merry-go-round making an awfull noise. I hide under my covers and everything goes quiet. I peek under the covers and he jumps on me. He rests his nees on my chest and starts 2 strangle me. He smiles and he has only a few teeth. I can feel myself drifiting off and i glance in the corner and i can see my dad stood there. He died 10 years ago wen i was 5. He grabs the man and every time i wake up. What does this mean?!


    i had a dream i was being chased by wolves, the bit my breast what does this mean?

    Jolene goodtoknow Editor

    Sounds like your guy friend is thinking about you a lot, Kels?


    i didn't have the dream , one of my guy friends from school just hit me up & told me that he's been thinking about me & had a dream about me . he said that he had a dream that me & him had a Little boy , we lived together and had a family .. what does this mean though ?


    Means you want to most likely have sex in public


    The other night i had a dream about my x that i am still madly in love with but were kinda going through somethings and are not together right now. He is still in love with me as well and we try to spend time with each other as much as we can its just neither of us are really ready to settle down right now. I had a dream the other night that him and my sister became room mates weird tell me about it lol not sure why but then after my mother and me had helped her move in with him and we were about to leave he looked at me and asked if i was staying the night with him mean while we were not speaking at the time because of an argument (in this dream) i told him i guess so if he wanted me to and i went home to shower up and get clothes came back to their house and he was not there my sis let me in and i waited there in the living room for him to get home when he walked in the door to my surprise he walked in with twin 4 year olds both with red hair VERY beautiful and very good. I have known him for over a year and he never once told me about them. I looked at him and met the girls then WOKE UP im not sure what this whole dream was about but it will not leave my head please can anyone help me try to understand this dream.


    last night i had a dream that me and this guy i like where in coles and i was sitting on his lap and then he felt my breast what does i mean?


    Help! I'm having this super2x terrifying dream about being chase by a human( not exactly a normal human) it looks like a DEAD human. I always end up crying when I woke up from my dream. In my dreams the dead is chasing everyone and ends up killing everyone until I was the only one left. I was very scared because I couldn't find any place to hide not until I found this house which is full of hidden little doors but I can't find a way out and the dead can sense me. I don't want to dream about this anymore, can anyone please help??;(


    Last night, I dreamt that I was saying a speech and halfway through it, some famous people came to me and said that they needed me to sing to sing in their show, so they took me away and my guy friend came running after me swearing and saying that these guys were murderers, so he grabbed me out of their vehicle and blew the vehicle up before the guys could even get out the vehicle and then my guy friend won R1000000.


    I had a dream i walked into the bedroom and my girlfreind as shood there in a wedding dress we didnt talk i was just thinking she looked so beautiful! What dose this dream mean?


    My best friend (which is a boy) is having dreams about him and I (being a girl) being married. I didn't think anything of it until he told me that in his dream there are three kids (two boys and one baby girl) that are ours? We have never seen them before nor understand why their there. The oldest boy always says he loves us but the middle child (boy) and little girl always seem to be in the background of it all. He kept having these dreams and nit understanding why they always have the same message. Then a couple nights ago, I had a dream of three kids (two boys and a girl) and my best friend (him) ad my life partner. We have the dreams and we don't understand why! We are only 15 and 16 years old. Can ANYONE help us?!


    I'm currently 6 months pregnant and people have told me the your dreams can be more vivid whilst pregnant? I recently had a dream that i was breastfeeding a baby (maybe my baby?) and then it turned into my cat, It felt so real. I've alsohad quite a few other dreams but another con that comes along with being pregnant is memory loss and add that to my already lack of memory my brain is practically a vegetable lol. xox

    Deanna Hoy

    I dreamt that i came home from school one day and this person walked me up to a taxi and drove me home but there faces were blacked out so i didint know who they were! anyway i came home and my mum said to me "Hi honey how was your day?" and then she told me that i wasnt allowed to see the peoples face that were blacked out and man and a woman. Are they figures of people that were in my life that did something bad or does it mean something? every noght i have this dream and i don understand it and normally my dreams come true but this is justt freaking me out right out!!!

    david falkirk

    I had a dream that some one was lying on top of me..i couldnt move..i managed to shout on my wife...then the bedroom door slammed shut...just at that my 9yr old son came thru crying...


    For two nights in a row, my boyfriend has woken me up, screaming another womans name, asking for the trash can so he can throw up but he never does. The thing is this woman's pregnate and he lived with her and her ex when they were together, and me and him was broke up. He doesn't remember any of it, and thinks I'm stupid. I haven't been able to sleep well in three nights, and I just got over a possible miscarrige, so this is quite frankly REALLY pissing me off. I don't know what to do, but smothering him in his sleep is seeming like an excelent idea right about now. PLEASE HELP


    I had a dream last night that my cousin came up to me and with a complete serous face and a tear in her eye that she found my body bag, please help what does this mean?


    I keep having dreams that my partner is cheating on me. It's always with a different person. Iv been having them for about a year now, its got so bad im checking up on him but he has never done anything to make me believe he has done anything please can someone help send me an email if you can

    tomas coates

    ive had a dream were im like a lab rat gettin experimented on, ie-taking blood from my temple on the side of my head. if anyone can tell me wat it mean i would be so grateful. i havnt remembered a dream for over 5 year when i was doin drug, but now im clean and ive never had a dream like this before


    Last night i saw dream tht, we are making arrangements for my cousin who is already married 5 years back. I am unable to understand, Can u pls help me out regarding same.


    One night I had this strange dream I was in some place even though I don't remember where to be honest then everything changed and I was walking up to some place and I saw my sister and her friend standing in black dresses and I do remember just before they were wearing jeans ect. My Papa died 3 year's ago and it seemed like it was his funeral I was going to. Everyone was in black and I wasn't, I moaned in the dream because I was wearing jean's and an adidas zip up hoody. I was sitting in some sort of church next to my Mum and in front faceing down on everyone was my step nan and my mum's cousin then they starting singing 'angel by Sarah Mclaughlin'. In the dream I remember looking at my Mum and saying "I was singing to that song last night" (Which was true because the night I had that dream I had been listening to that song - the Westlife version though) Then in the dream it started to get abit scarey because lots of strange woman that I've never seen before flew into the room. They were those people that talk to the dead and give people messages I'm not sure what their called but my mum has been to one before. One of the women that was doing that kept rubbing her face against a towel that was on a desk and her eye's were all weird, I don't know how to describe it. After that I don't really remember anything, I think I woke up and was really scared about it all I just had this weird feeling inside of me. The thing is though I never went to my papa's funeral neither did my sister or her friend. The next night I had a different dream. It didn't make sence at all really but I think that's just because I don't remember it very well. I was a little girl in a band singing (abit like S Club 7 and sometime's I do with I could be in a band) and I don't know anyone that was in my band but I do know two of the boy's. Everything changed and I was in a different room lying hugging this boy I used to have a crush on for about a year. I looked as if I only had hardly any clothes on. In my dream I kept being with the boy I've used to have a crush on and this other boy that I know. I don't remember anything else. What do these dream's mean?


    I dreamt I met an old female firend on a holiday plane. We spoke, it was great to see her, she was drunk and covered in acne i.e. bright red spots on her face. Later I was crawing in and out of various lockers and got out the last one on to a main foot path when I saw her walking the down the opposite footpath. I was delighted to see her again. I was so content in this dream and wanted it to go on, she was an inspiring friend. What was this all about???


    Last night i dreamt that i woke up in a hospital and felt the bottom of my neck and realised i had had surgery. I looked around me and saw two of my guy friends and realised that they were hurt aswell. When my family and friends came to visit no one was telling me anything except i had been in a coma :s Then my mum kept telling eveyone to not let me see my face. Then, once i had been let out of hospital i went round trying to find out what had happend to me. No one was telling me and i was gettin really frustrated. My boyfriend said he didnt want me anymore and made our mutual friends all make fun of me. I learnt in the end that i had been in a car crash and that a friend of mine has a boyfriend and he was driving and he had been drinking. No one wanted him to get caught. I wanted revenge because i looked like a burns victim and i was so scary looking. What does this mean?


    i keep havin this dream where i find a path in a house an it leads to anothe part of the house that no one has seen for many years i go into a bedroom an it is still set up like a nursery but the baby has died years before when i went to tuch somethin in the room the cot lifts up an pins me to the floor an i cant move. i havebeen havin this dream most nites for bout 2 weeks now. what does it mean?


    i have this dream where in sitting by the door in my living room. from where im sitting i can see the stairs and this black firgure of a man in a hat comes walking down. when i call out to my family they keep watching tv like they didnt hear me. me and my brother have had this dream.


    I had a dream last night about this beautiful girl but she was shadowed because it was night i could still make out her features slightly and her body shape i could also see she has these beautiful wings so she was an angel i found out. She was standing in these ruins of a church by where the window used to be and behind her i could make out a man stroaking her wings then i saw she had red hair just like mine everything about her was like a more matured version of my body then i thought the angel was me part of me still thinks that but i have no clue why i would be an angel in my dream. This morning i was with my boyfriend and we were walking out of the grounds of the cathidral when i said "wait lets go this way" i didnt know the area but i just love the feeling of getting lost but anyway we ended up in these ruins and i sat down looking around relising this was the ruins from my dream i was sat in the same area as the angel was. I felt really comforted by this place although i was abit freaked out that i ended up here as the same place as my dreams but i didnt want to leave it was calming for me. i know this is really weird but im trying to study dreams and nothing is helping me so if anyone has any idea or clue that would help me in anyway please email me :)


    I keep having dreams about needing to phone the emergency services, as someone I love is badly hurt and needs help, and it doesnt matter how many times I type in the correct number on my mobile or house phone, it never rings that number, for example our emergency service number is 999, and I will type this onto phone, yet it dials 979 or 199 and I end up getting through to plumbers or secretaries instead?


    I had this weird dream i was at this concert (note:I'd seen all time low live that day). And my friends steph & chloe were kissing then steph turned into chloes lover jake. Then it shifted to this naked faceless girl tied up screaming" whats it mean? please some1 help email if possible


    I had a dream that my dead uncle came to help me prepare my bed . What does that mean please .

    Charlotte Bright

    My friend dreams that she's at the dentist and she will only let me give her the injection, I'm wearing a grey cardi and I'm really gentle. What does this mean?

    Wireded out

    i dreamed that i was running for my life from some one that was trying to kill me he grabbed my wrist befor i woke what does this mean?


    i dream that i rub my stomach and i felt a kick


    I dreamed that i was in the bathroom mirror doing my hair without a short or bra and my breast had a dark black ring around it. Like some dissease.was taking over


    I keep dreaming I'm being thrown through a window by a ghost, I have no idea who this ghost is or where I am, this is 3 nights on the run now?

    Serena laraè

    Hi i had a dream that my step father was telling off my mother (just like all the other times) so in my dream i was telling him to stop! N my step father was talking so much crap(excuse my language) he was siting down on like a black chair then i was so angry i punched him sooo HARD! On the mouth i broke his nose and jaw..WHAT DOES THIS MEAN I HAVE TO KNOW PLEASE!!???!?!???


    I was tryin to spank this little girl Idkk who she was but it was bc she was threw a rock at my head and started throwing golf balls (so weird)but she ran from me and I was trying to catch her and she walked in like quick sand dirt and she just sunk and I had her by her arm and couldn't save her and this woman pulled her out and she didnt make it .. And I just woke up bawling my eyes out


    hi I had a dream that my husband lied to me and had someone else in the house wen I wasn't in and I found out and told him not to come home again as he was forever keeping stuff from me what could this mean pls help


    Look, ALL your Dreams dont Really Happen, Thats why they're called DREAMS!!!!! Anyway, in you're 'real' life thery dont either. We;re all in the Matrix, or is it a coincidence you ended up reading this???? Dont throw yourself off a building to prove i'm right, I might be liar! Ho Ho Ho. I might not, anyway, why didnt 'Jesus', or 'Mohammed' write their own version of the Bible, Koran? Because its bullshit!!!!!! Wake up!

    Peggy Lafferty

    Its the fact she woke you up in the middle of a dream. You cant remember because your eyes were opened, so you couldn't see it in your head, nor real life... happened to me, and to my bf, nothing to worry abojt.


    My girlfriend told me she woke up in the middle of the night & I was lying on my side looking at something in my room,she asked me wat I was looking at & I replied who is that,she asked me again wat I was talking about & I continued to ask her who they were standing at the bottom of my bed at her side of the bed & I was able to point out were they were.she was very freaked out as I was staring at something & we r unaware of wat it was & for how long I was doing it! I don't remember any of this but I was fully conscious as in my eyes were fully open but I can't remember any of this! Can anyone enlighten me as friends & family think its strange.has anyone had anything similar happen to them? Thanks


    I've had this dream for already five years it's a woman in a forty wedding dress just standing and looking at me I try to speak to her she doesn't respond but in every dream she gets closer and closer to me she has toucjed my wrist before and has left a hand print I really don't know what she wants or who she is I need to know what she wants can anyone help me with a response?


    i have been having alot of weird dreams lately i had a dream the other night that this girl i knew came up an handed me a frog an the dream ended their was nothing else in the dream just her an the frog

    Kimmi Bouse

    I keep dreaming I have a turkey foot or partial leg coming out of my stomach & I have to have surgery to remove it


    I had a dream last night that I had a fight with my father and younger brother who have the same name, I ended up beating them both, My father died 5 years ago and we wasnt speaking at the time of his death. My younger brother and I dont speak either and havent for around 6 years. Can anyone shed any light on this please.


    i dreamed that my mum smoked


    In my dream I walk into my living room and all my family photos have been removed from the wall. This has really scared me does anyone know anything to help me figure it out


    in my dream it starts that i woke up in my bed room and saw a horrible face women or something i don't remember standing near me and staring me and some times she pulls me towards her. it was so horrible. the dream ends here. but when i get up my mother tells me about my screams.. please help me


    in my dream it starts off in a black room I can not seen anything but I red line, the red line if thin and I have to walk on it and don't no what happens if I don't, next im still on the line but I can hear a baby crying as I get closer it gets louder, I see a cot as I look over it is the is no one in it and the crying stops I carry one walking on the line and the is a old woman in a sitting there looking really said and lonely I can not speak to her only see her as the line dose not go up to her then it stops. but one time I did not wake up and I went on just once im still on the line I see a big kenetic balls banning and I can not hear anything as it is so loud I wake up and my ears are ringing and I feel really fun help me pleas


    I had a dream that the world ended but i woke up laughing. I also had another dream that i was going out with this girl i know (i dont love her) and part way into the dream she ran of and then this guy appeared and i murdered him in quite a brutal way and then i walked away like nothing happened and found the girl i was going out with (in the dream) and my friend was with her. i woke up really confused. Do these dreams mean anything???

    Angela Mortimer

    the other dream is my mum (deceased), daughter and myself are in a building with other people, and i am bitten by a bat on my right arm. the next morning i actually have 1 bruise and 2 small marks above it.

    Angela Mortimer

    i have had the same dream for the last 5 days. i am looking after a little boy and what ever injuries the little boy gets (a cut or a bruise), i get, his family know this, and lock me in their house, so i cant escape.

    Pixie Moore

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    Right ive been havin sum proper weird dreams, It starts: i have a girl she is about 8 r 9 mounth i can rember changer her in a freinds house then it skips on shes about 12 r 13 now her freinds now she has a sercet door in her cupboard which she uses to go out and see her mates i rember her runnin through each room tryin to find the cupboard then she sayes its in my room but she cant find it somethings chasing her ( i dont know wot) then iam in bed i her something so i open my door and she is sittin under the hot top with the water runnin on to her her so i run through the landing and grad her she is so lifeless i hold her on my lap and she comes bk round but her eyes r pure black and her teeth r becoming sound and sharp. she starts screaming to get them out so i try but thay wont move(this isent the first time i have had this dream but thay r all along the same lines but this beanin the 1 thats stuck in my head ist weird i can still see her teeth) then i cant rember anything after that but every time i have this dream it last longer another part is added on plz help


    I dream of my ex 2 times and in my dream she lock like Angel to me and she was My first crush it's been 6 year we broke up


    I had a dream of my ex boyfriend sleeping outside of my house next to my blue car, even though I do not own a blue car. What does this mean?


    I dreamed of my ex boyfriend sleeping outside my house net to my blue car, even though I don't have a blue car. What doea this mean?


    i need to hear d reply now plssssssss


    saw a mad woman in my dream begging for something i csn remember with a plastic in her hands what does that means?Anyway i refuse to give her what she wanted from me.she was speaking a language which i vidvly remmbad wen i woke up!


    That is the best dream ever....


    I had a dream last night that I was a princess and this boy was laying down bruised up and my friends were throwing stuff. one of the things they threw fell and landed on the boys back. I went down to him and said, "Are you ok" and he kind of just moaned. I got him up, put my arm around him and was taking him down to the "hospital" (This was mid evil times) ... So while we were walking, he never actually saw my face yet. He then looked down at me and got caught in my eyes. I eventually knew that he had fallen in love with me. My friend that was like a "nurse" was coming up to us on the right. She was asking me what had happened to the boy, and I replied with "I don't know" while shrugging my shoulders. She then said "come over her with me", so I told the guy to go with her. But then when I was going to turn around. The girl said... uhhh Jaedan? so then I turned back around and saw he wasn't moving. I had told him to go with her but he said he didn't wanna go anywhere without me.. ( AWWWW :') ) So then I eventually got him there.... but then I woke up.. :(

    missing you

    I dreamed my foot was being bitten by a snapping turtle. I was screaming for my husband to come help me (he died approx. 14 month ago) he never came to help me. What does this mean?


    I keep having this dream about a guy I used to go to school with, and in the dream I'm almost obsessed with him. I keep looking for him and trying to talk to him, this is about the 20th time I've dreamt about him.what does this mean?


    When you have the same dream more then once, that means that your soul can't forget or can't understand the meaning to it


    I think that might be that someone needs your help, but you aren't able to help because of some reason you have towards that person that you don't want to get in


    I dreamed that my husband's little brother jumped to my stomach (he is his half brother from his dad) and maybe kill my unborn baby and i screamed and cried, and then my family in law was mad at me for screaming at him, and they were all mad at me while I was wondering if my baby still alive. What does it mean ?


    in my latest dream I was on a flat slab with Hoodie from creepypasta. I had dropped my headband and ran back for it but he caught me and carried me towards a pile of straw, then I challenged my brother to a game of pool against Masky from creepypasta. this was just after I watched the marble hornets episode when hoodie dies.

    Nikola Western

    i dreamt i was on a mission somewhere and my mode of transport, destination and purpose kept changing into weirder and weirder things. it was unbelievably vivid


    i saw a dream in dream my papa give me a cup of milk he is now more what is meaning that


    I dreamt of finding a basket full of labradorite silver pendents in beautiful shapes. what does the dream mean ?


    I dreamed that my bf put me out n I woke up n the hospital beated up,, I had this dream 3 times already


    Im married an love my husband but ever sence he went to jail i be dreamin with a guy i meet in church wat does it mean???


    I dreamnt that my husband died..I had this dream 2x in one night


    My friend drramt that me and her were related and i went to her house and insulted her idol then she hit me then i said if you touch me again i'll rip your poster then she poked me and i ripped it and then she got sad and ran away and there was this girl eating eegs then i got her a new poster and apologized to her and then we hugged and she said let's go to florida and that was the end of the dream


    I had a dream my daughter felt sick I went down to get a bucket come back up and she had falling out of bed laying in sick having a fit ... I need to no what this means as its scared me


    I had a dream my boyfriend cheated what doed that mean


    I had a dream that somthin was moving in my stomach and it was poking against my skin then was removed from my right side and it was a Wierd metal thing.... Wierd


    hiiiiiiiiiii i saw a dream that from my breast nipples water is coming then i asked my sister in dream why is coming she said it cums before milk i was lyk i m only 11 then i woke up i asked her she said that u ma bey think abt sex but i dont think abt it at all then how plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me and also i see every day that im pregnant but why n how ??????????????? plzzzzzzzz leave a reply for me plzzzzzzzz ????????

    Yvonne Chomos

    I had a dream my husband woke me up saying the Angel saved me from the devil do you see the Angel do you see the Angel do you see the Angel.... What does it mean


    my dream lately is seeing my self being calmed down by someone else in a broken mirror

    Kim Stewart

    My mother in law was in my dream she passed away 1 year ago and the dream was me and my friend pulled out some kids in a burning house and we hand the kids to my mother in law and I woke up what does this means

    Mikayla Ada

    Does anybody ever have dreams where you see someone you know and even though you recognize the face as one person your brain is telling you its a totally different person / youre treating them as that different person? I can't find any articles on that experience and it happens quite frequently.

    Cinthia Paque

    It was almoat turned into a nightmare i was havin fun then i saw the evil eye again not just the egg it was almost like a wolf eye then it turned back into an egg and then i woke up what does that mean?


    dreaming of my children, old friend and cutting my hair what does all this mean


    In the dream, I was trying to mop the floor at my boyfriend house and suddenly, I saw a ring on the floor surprising, on getting to him to ask why a ring was on the floor, I noticed he was wearing a ring on his finger. Please what does it mean?


    i had a dream that was in england but i never been there all my life what does that mean


    dreamed there were several people standing in row and i was first and india woman put ashes on my head and i stumble backward and she said you have it now and i thought to myself have what


    My daughter had dream the hospital call her and said your dad wants to see you she why we don't talk are get along but you need to call when she got to the hospital they said your dad has cancer and she started fusing with his family and the machine stop and he died they said it's her fault and she sign papers and got money what does this dream mean

    Ronald Rubin

    A teacher of me told me that she need some money because her daughter is sick so she asked my dad he gave me money to give it to her i took my car and went to give it to her on my way i met with an accident with a small boy of another teacher and i gave the money to that teacher and saw the other teacher she was crying because of his boy that i hit with my car but he has no problem just some small injuries

    Shev samuel

    I had a weird dream about my son a lady come into my sleep an told me "the cradel is broken they are coming for him" my son is only 11 months what does that mean


    I had a dream that I had a daughter, I have no kids, and the father wouldn't let me see her. She didn't knowing who I was. In my dream she grew up, and I would try and tell her that I was her mom, but was always stopped. The end of the dream she was an adult, and I was speaking with the father about how wrong it is that he was doing this to me. She walked in and she was beautiful, I lost my breath with grief, and then he told her I was her mother. then I woke up. what does this mean???


    I had a dream that this big fat rat was in my garbage I did not see it but is was roaming all through the garbage and I went to get it out I still did not see it but it jumped on my back seem like people were around and I was trying to get it off my back but I could not get it off at first I thought it was going to bite me but it did not try to bite me but it was not trying to get off my back either and I woke up. What does this dream mean?


    I have had this dream a few times but it's about a girl that I have never met and she is lying next to me (fully clothed) and is hugging me and I feel really safe and i feel comforted. The thing is this usually happens when I'm really upset. Anyone know what this could mean??


    I dreamt that I woke up from my dream, and was in a different house, I saw my daughter playing in the livingroom. Walked up the stairs and saw four mexican gang members playing cards at the dining table, and had this overwhelming epiphany that my fiance had sold us off or something...Acting along I was taken downstairs with one of the gang members and when we were alone in the room, I put my thumbs into his eyesockets and then I snapped his neck. I opened the window in the basement and my daughter and I crawled out to the streets, it was late at night and there was gang activity everywhere. Nobody wanted to call the authorities or cared that we were in danger, finally I tried to wave down a cab driver, only to watch it be run off the road and shot up. I woke up again from my dream in another dream, and my fiance wasn't tey finished on the phone with the gangmembers, he was a completely different person, I couldn't convince him to change his decision and I ended up turning out the lights in the basement, my daughter hid and I laid still in the bed under the covers in the dark hiding, he didn't see me and when he dialed them again I took my daughter and climbed out the same window...Only the mexicans had just arrived and I ran to the neighbors house, knocked like a maniac screaming for help and I opened the door, to see an elderly man passed out on his couch, the gangmembers laughed and followed us into the neighbors house, and then I woke up! I've never been IN LOVE before, I am so hurt by my brain creating a scenario like this, Idk why it happened. :(


    I keep having the worse dream I dream that I'm in the hospital in labor and a little girl in a white dress with long black hair is standing over me with my son in her arms and a razor blade standing over my dead body .


    I had a dream that my ex daughter mother and sister boyfriend were together what does that mean

    Nicola Friston-Kemble

    Dream of booking holiday with a friend


    I need answer


    My friend left her boyfriend he is explaining me his love on her in an waterfall by throwing stones


    So in real life I really like this girl who I have to ignore because she has hurt me a lot, And I keep seeing her in my dreams like today, I saw her that he wants to talk to me but I still ignore her and her boyfriend was sitting few meters away and she sayd "I talked to your father" and I got angry for that because not only I didn't want to talk to her I wanted her to stay away from my douchebag father and she kept following me and she still wanted to talk me and i remember her boyfriend sayd something evil about me then I woke up. The dream felt so weird because in real life I haven't spoken with that girl for a week or two because she only hangs out with her bf, and I used to be friends with her bf but not anymore

    Darcie Jo Selders

    For the past month there has been a gorgeous woman with black angel wings in the back round of my dreams. she doesnt say anything shes just there In the back round staring watching me sometimes she approaches me but never speaks what could this mean


    By boyfriend had a dream that we was at a party and a was not to well so we went home but we was back in the old days what can this mean

    Marimar Nava Bartlett

    I had a dream about being pregnant and about to give birth I was driving to the hospital alone in my car and my family was going on a different one, when all of the sudden i or the car drives me in to a lake or canal and i get out of the car and I'm swimming and i see a woman and a man drown and then i get out of the water i no longer pregnant.. what does this dream mean please help me...


    see my dream is weird. i have it almost every night! theres this old house in a middle of no where. when i walk im there is a black dress in the middle of a big room. as i went towards it i heard a scream. a girl runs towards me, scary like the exorcist girl (but yet i dont watch scary movies), and attacks me. i run into a closet and she tries to get in but then leaves. of course me freaking out but yet brave, i leave the closet and see a spider come up and chasing her then kills her. then i leave the old house with the black dress. what does it mean?

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