Dreaming of being chased

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There's few scarier dreams than being chased. The most obvious and literal translation of such dreams are that you have a fear of being attacked. Often this is the extent of it, particularly if you've just watched a film or read a book with a similar theme.

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A more psychological analysis is that you have an inability to confront issues in your life which need dealing with, and instead you tend to push them to one side or 'run away' from them. Next time you have a dream like this, ask yourself why the person is chasing you. Could this be related to something that scares or stresses you out from day-to-day?

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my daughter keeps having dreams about being chased by strangers, they catch her and demand to know where her Dad is (me) she tells them she doesn't know and they then put a pillow over her head and shoot her. she told me about this this morning as she has now had the same dream over the last 4 nights......any ideas/


ive had this dream for the past 2 months now and its about this man who chases me all the time and if he anit chasing me hes standing in the corner watching my every move i do it really scares me and when i first dreamed off this man chasing me it was in a maze but i have never watched a scary film like this and its the same man all the time.

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