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"Eat regularly. Leaving more than 3 hours between meals means stomach acid builds up. This can lead to indigestion. But eating small meals every few hours will make sure you don't get bloated."

Monica Grenfell, nutritionist
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It's easy to fit into your jeans again or look great in your little black dress again with our easy exercise tips. So even if you're sitting down all day or rushing around after the kids we've got some great suggestions to help you flatten your belly.

1. Dance it off

All types of vigorous dancing is great for burning fat and calories - around 400 an hour - and dancing is a good workout for your waist too. Salsa, ballroom and belly dancing are particularly good.

2. Swap your chair for a fitness ball

You might feel silly but sitting on a fitness ball instead of a chair when you watch telly will help tone up your belly. You have to use your muscles, especially your stomach muscles to balance and stay on the ball.

3. Sit-ups

Yes, we know you've heard it before but sit-ups or crunches can help fight the flab. You won't see a change immediately and you may need to build up to doing 10-15 sit-ups a day. Always hold your hands by your ears rather than behind your head so you don't strain your neck or back.

4. The reverse curl

If you find sit-ups difficult try the reverse curl instead, it's just as effective but easier on the back. Start by lying on the floor, with your hands by your sides. Lift your bum off the floor using just your stomach muscles and keep your arms and shoulders on the floor. Hold for a few seconds then lower yourself back to the floor. Repeat 15-20 times.

5. Yoga

It's not just for celebs like Madonna, Yoga can be done by anyone at any level. It's great for toning all over but especially good at toning the belly because of the breathing exercises that are involved, and because it helps your posture - and good posture leads to a flatter tum!

6. Check your posture

To keep your tummy flat you need to keep your back strong too as the band of muscle around your waist also helps support your spine. So stand up straight and keep your back and stomach muscles taut.

7. Crunch and twist

Once you've been doing sit-ups for a while you'll notice that they've become a lot easier, don't give up and don't just do more, do them differently instead. Keep your hands by your ears and raise yourself up slowly then twist your body - from the waist, not your back or shoulders - and try to touch your knees with your opposite elbow, i.e. your right elbow comes up and across to touch your left knee. Untwist and go back to your starting position. Repeat on each side 10-15 times.

8. Touch your toes

If you're bored of sit-ups, try this exercise instead. Lie on the floor with arms straight up, pointing at the ceiling. Slowly curl yourself up and forward so that your hands are pointing towards your toes - and if you can, touch your toes. Then return to your starting position but do it slowly to stretch the muscles. Repeat 15-20 times.

9. Hold your stomach in

This is easy exercise if you're feeling lazy. Just holding your stomach in when you're walking or waiting for the bus can help tone your belly.

10. Could it just be bloating?

If it is, then there are loads of things you can do to get a slimmer waist, almost overnight. Swap fizzy drinks for still drinks, chew slowly and take pre and pro biotic supplements, which will increase your good gut bacteria and lessen the bloating. Find out more causes of a bloated stomach.

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Paul M

All foods can increase weight; it just depends on how much you eat and what type! A banana is much better than a chocolate bar, for example. Just aim to burn a few hundred extra calories a day (walk a few miles) if you can, and cut out a few hundred from your diet. Processed stuff is the first thing to axe if you can. Good luck.

Paul M

Indeed. I think people are just eager/desperate for an easy fix. At least nobody here is selling miracle diet juices from obscure fruits and the dung of midnight beetles...

Paul M


Paul M

It doesn't.

Paul M

Absolute nonsense. Doing targeted excersises will *not* reduce your belly fat. If you're luck enough to have low fat anyway, then yes doing these exercises will tone and define your abs. There is no thing as "spot loss". It's a myth. The only way to reduce your belly fat is to reduce your overall bodyfat. Take it from somebody who is trying to shed that last stone or so... there's no way to target fat loss, it's all or nothing. I really don't know why the author wrote and published this. If your principal aim is to lose belly fat: Do some cross-training. Something that mixes up excercise and raises your metabolism (and body temperature). Oh and cut out a lot of carbs and processed/sugary stuff. Again: this entire piece is useless as a stomach fat reduction plan.


Some of these tips are actually wrong!! Sits ups do NOT lead to a flatter tummy ANY professional knows this, you CANNOT target areas to lose body fat by choice. It a combination of good diet and exercise, sits ups will strength the abdominals and yrs contribute to burning more calories to assist reducing bodyfat overall - stop misleading people!!!


i need to get a flat belly befor next summer please help me!!!!


sit ups dont help lol


I hope it works;-)


which are the foods that you think are healthy like bananas but actually can increase weight

Rachel Smith

thank u it really helped me and i can give these tips to my friend

Daisy  Morrow

great tips! it seems really helpful


i think dese xercises might be beneficial 4 me


hi i am really need to flatten my stomach in time for christmas but how do i fit in all the excercise. also i can't choose what i eat because im still really young there any advice?


I need to try to flatten my tummy but I have a bad back, so any other suggestions as I cant do sit ups etc. also I am post menapausal which is when my tummy grew for the first time.

jessikaa mills

ii will do this as it seems fun :D it shud work lets find out :D


am glad you got straight to the point at explaining the different excerises mant other web sites waffle on and still dont get to the point.


I think it looks good but we'll see if it actually works!

Rachel doran

Does this actually work??x

alford charles

This is a good exercise work out.


I think the first 4 tips to a flatter belly are really helpful. They can be done, more or less, as part of everyday livinf in the home. Quite often, the thought of having to enrol somewhere, or buy special food, can be off-putting.

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