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Under 18s are now banned from using sunbeds in England and Wales.

The new law comes in just days after a report from Cancer Research UK was released which found that every day, more than 2 people under 35 are diagnosed with malignant melanoma - the most deadly form of skin cancer.

It's already illegal for under 18s to use sunbeds in Scotland and the same law will be introduced in Northern Ireland in the next year.

You can increase your chances of skin cancer by using a sunbed. In fact, using a sunbed under the age of 35 can increase your risk of melanoma by 75%, according to
Cancer Research UK.

It's been estimated that more than 100 deaths a year in the UK occur from skin cancer linked to sunbed use.

We talked to Cancer Research to give you the facts about sun beds and tanning.

Sunbed tanning is safer than sun tanning

False! Sun beds are not a 'safe' alternative to sun tanning. Sun beds give out ultraviolet (UV) rays just like the sun. Exposure to UV rays, whether from the sun or a sun bed, damages the DNA in your skin cells. In fact, the strength of UV rays from sun beds can be up to 10-15 times higher than that of the midday sun.

Building up a sunbed tan gradually means I'm tanning safely

False! Unfortunately, using sunscreen or limiting your time on a sun bed will not protect your skin from damage and ageing. Actually short periods of intense, irregular exposure to UV, as happens on a sun bed, is the fastest way to damage your skin. Sun beds will age your skin.

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Louise de Villiers

Hi, if it was not for th sunbed i would have cancer now, goin g to the beach for even 1 or 2 hours without even being in a sunbed before just for that extra layer of the skin, i could burn myself, in a very bad manner. Yes if you lay in the sunbed more han you suppose to it wil happen to you, everybody have cancer in their body it must just develop! I know for i fact that some people are not blessed like others with a brown or bronz skin. and to be a young lady that is white white and doesnt even have the confidence to wear even a short dress, it doesnt feel nice, the natural sun burns more than a sunbed, even blizters I was there, when I decided to do the sunbed thing I did it, DON'T MAKE A HABBIT' of it, it works. Remember all types of skins are different.

Nicola Roberts please read this Elise never even used sunbeds and was very careful in the sun this can happen to anyone and it is heartbreaking

Nicola Dall

I have just had some skin cancer removed from my face just above my eye, and the cancer is believed to have been caused by sun bed use over a course of many years. No argument here.


Hi.. over the years i have taken the advise from people like yourself, i had very few moles tanned in the sun and always was golden and tanned. Now i am pasty white and covered in moles.. I believe even tho there is a degreas in skin cancer, by staying out of the sun, or off sunbeds, i now read that all other cancers increase due to the lack of uv exposer. Is the Sun/sunbed not a natural source of vitamins? I have come to the realisation no one knows how we get these cancers, its all guess work. Smoking exemp of course. In New Zealand skin cancer is increasing every year but the Sunbed industry is nearlly dead.. think you have it wrong. Maybe its to increase the sale of sunscreans? never see the Cancer sociaty at the beach? Cheers

carol banks

Hi Bob, Why don't you read the article on sunbeds. It really explains a lot and should help with your coursework. Carol


i need help with my course work. are sunbeds safe?? xx

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