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Watching a film wouldn't be the same without sharing a bag of pick 'n' mix and some popcorn, but you could be eating an enormous amount of calories without even realising it.

One small chocolate eclair sweet could contain as much as 30 calories! And because sweets are sugary, your body will want more and more. A 100g bag of jelly sweets can contain 360 calories. A large buttered popcorn contains up to 1,000 calories and 32g of fat. And all this sugar and salt will make you thirsty, so you might buy a large cola. Did you know that a large cola is the same as three cans of coke and contains 500 calories?

But you don't have to miss out altogether. Choose plain popcorn instead of buttered or toffee, avoid chocolate, toffee and sugared sweets from the pick 'n' mix and choose fruit juice over the cola. That way you've still got things to share! And if you really want to keep an eye on your calories, don't go to the cinema hungry.

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