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There's lots of professional support available and a wide choice of therapies. Alison Kerry from Mind says, 'There is no right or wrong way to treat a phobia and different approaches will work for different people.' Here are the most common treatments:

CBT - This stands for cognitive behavioural therapy, which helps you work out why you have the phobia and then helps you to adapt your behaviour.

Hypnotherapy - A hypnotherapist is able to put you in such a relaxed state that he or she can suggest things to your mind that helps you to get rid of the phobia, sometimes forgetting that you have the phobia at all.

Counselling - This is where you meet with a qualified counsellor for around an hour and you talk about your fears and feelings. The counsellor will say things to help you come to the right solution for you.

Psychotherapy - A bit like counselling, although it's often a bit more intense as the psychotherapist tries to reach the hidden parts of your mind. He or she will work out the reasons for your phobias.

Exposure therapy - This can be pretty intense but has a high success rate. It involves you facing your fear, so if your fear is of heights the therapist will take you to the top of a high building and help you with the feelings you get when you are facing your fear.

If you don't feel ready to face your fears Alison says, 'Gardening can be very therapeutic. Some agoraphobics have said that they find reconnecting with nature in their own garden gives them the confidence they need to gradually venture back outside.'

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