The most common phobias

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Could you be one of millions of people that have a phobia? Here are 10 of the most common phobias:

1. Arachnophobia - half of women have a fear of spiders
2. Social phobia - fear of being in social situations because you're scared that you'll make a fool of yourself, that people will laugh at you, bully you or dislike you
3. Aerophobia - fear of flying
4. Agoraphobia - fear of going outside
5. Claustrophobia - fear of being trapped in small, confined spaces
6. Acrophobia - fear of heights
7. Emetophobia - fear of being sick or seeing others throw up
8. Carcinophobia - fear of cancer. You believe that every sign and symptom you have is an indication of cancer; you become scared of people with cancer too
9. Brontophobia - fear of thunder and lightning
10. Necrophobia - fear of death, dead people and dead things, such as dead flowers

Summer phobias

Summer's here and for some people it's a really stressful time

Some common summer phobias:

Insects - Bees, wasps, flies and creepy-crawlies

Thunderstorms - Surprisingly we have more storms in summer than in winter

Flying - For some people the annual holiday abroad is a nightmare because it means getting on a plane

Continued below...

Water - People who fear water will be scared of going out in case there are kids having water fights. Being splashed by water if you're near the sea or a pool is also a big phobia for some people in the summer

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