Easy summer diets

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Easy summer diets

Just because the weather's bad, it's no excuse to give up -  you've still got some weight to lose.. Don't panic! Here are five great summer diets to help you look your best.

Scarsdale Diet
How much weight can I lose?
20lbs in 2 weeks
What do I have to do?
The Scarsdale Diet, designed by American doctor Herman Tarnower, is made up of seven or 14-day menu plans. While you're on a plan, you follow a low fat, low carbohydrate, high protein diet. Unlike the Atkins Diet, the Scarsdale Diet lets you eat bread and fruit. Dr Tanower claims you can lose up to 20 pounds in two weeks.
Try the Scarsdale Diet now

South Beach Diet
How much weight can I lose?
13lbs in 2 weeks
What do I have to do?
The South Beach Diet is a three-phase diet that works on good carbs and good fats. Devised by heart specialist, Dr Arthur Agatston from Miami, Florida, it's a sensible, healthy eating approach that allows you to eat three meals a day plus snacks.
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Bikini Detox Diet
How much weight can I lose?
7lbs in 2 weeks
What do I have to do?
The Bikini Detox Diet is a two-week, low-fat plan that could help you lose weight and make your skin appear healthier and firmer. It's packed with fresh foods including loads of fruit and veg that will detox your system as you go.
Try the Bikini Detox Diet now

Rosemary Conley's GI Hip & Thigh Diet
How much weight can I lose?
7lbs in 2 weeks
What do I have to do?
A brand new low-fat and low GI diet and exercise plan from health and fitness expert Rosemary Conley designed to help you lose weight and inches. The eating plan is calorie-counted and includes foods with a low Gi (Glycaemic Index) rating. As these are slowly digested, they help stabilise blood sugar levels as well as making you feel fuller for longer and less likely to snack.


Another alternative is to join the goodtoknow Diet Club, no foods are banned and you'll get to track your calorie intake with our clever food and exercise diary tools. Sign up now for a free 7 day trial and experience the benefits for yourself!




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hi Ruby i am starting on the porcess of becoming a vegeterian , ive cut dowb sugar,dairy and meat from my diet completely. now need to cut down gluten. do you still eat fish or have you cu down on that too :)


I'm 13 and I actually became vegan just a couple of months or so ago and I'm losing so much weight, I can't even believe it! I keep having to go out and buy new clothes because I'm all of a sudden really slim! More effective than anything I've ever tried before! I feel wonderful, happy, confident in my own skin ALL THE TIME!!! I just want more people to know about my diet because it's the best thing that's ever happened to me and everyone should try it! I've also completely cut out sugar and gluten. I'm now meat, dairy, egg, sugar, gluten and sadness free!!! It's not scary or intimidating at all! If you stay on it long enough without cheating you never crave junk food and you find yourself craving fruit and veg! There are so many groups and restaraunts that are now serving vegetarian and vegan options, why not try it for a month and you might be surprised!! :D


i also have the same problem as u guys. i'm finding it difficult to lose weight because i have very little will power and i'm a little lazy. i'm 12 and a half and i weigh 110 ibs or 50 kgs. can someone please suggest a proper diet? i will be very grateful if u do. and 110 pounds is a lot for 5'1 height. plz help. thanks.


don't worry just stay positive and dedicated and u will definitely see some difference.dieting without exercise can put on weight and vice versa. and remember being just a 13 year old u cant try to lose alot of kg in a few days. it can become dangerous.keep a realistic goal and follow it regularly. don't give yourself excuses.try these it will surely work. hope this helps!good luck! :)


hi i'm 12 and i weigh 110 pounds or 50 kg.i feel fat next to my friends and i want to reduce 5 kg in 1 or 2 months. plz can someone help me? thanks.

Gary Aggio

What a great blog, thank you for sharing some great information, when we are trying to lose weight we need all the support we can get. I found this site helpful to look from the outside in once again great post


Hi dear.. I'm 21 and have to lose 5-7 kilos till middle of August. Could you please do me a favor and tell me how can I lose this amount in this period of time? (Weight: 84, Height: 176) I must mention, am taking something around 4 liters water per day and I eat fruits lot. I would love to lose weight till 15th August. I have to!!!


hi, im 15 and i want to lose 2 stones can u please tell me a easy way to lose wieght.


Yasmine, never can you lose weight fast, thats the problem it is a constant and slow process which takes time and plenty of effort! once you have that installed in yoru mind it will be obvious that you lose weight over long periods,2 weeks is unrealistic and only for those who are not overweight in the first place!


girl i feel the same i have prom in a couple month and i need to drop some dead weight i weigh 140 AND THATS TO MUCH FOR A 5''3 frame.


Hey guys, I was a bit of a chubby teenager, and believe me you just grow out of it. I am now a healthy weight, and have a gorgeous partner. Growing out of baby fat will happen naturally, don't try and be thin as it won't help. Try and think, I need to be healthy and get regular exersise but there is no need to be obsessive about weight. Good Luck :) xx


I'm 16 and I'm 65 kg which is also. 10 stone and I'm like 5'5ft. tall. O_O! When I was 12 I used to be 80kg which is 13 stones. I consulted my GP (doctor) and they said I was over weight. so I started doing diet since then. In my own experience. I think, the best way to lose weight is patience.? Take excersise everyday, instead of bus or car (if your are near by to your destination) walk instead. This way you lose fats and at the same time it's environmental friendly. Have a daily excercise, 30 minutes a day. eat Less chocolates, sweets, junk food such as crisps and instead of eating in fast foods, bring your own healthy food, like sandwishes. Also eat less oily food. Eating less of these food, you will lose weight and at the same time, you won't get spots too often. Also eating junk food makes you hungry MORE! that you always want to eat them. DUH! that's their main purpose. :| to be addictive to it! Oily foods and junk foods release too much fats and oil that your face gets oily which makes spots to come out (yuck!) Instead of eating these food. Eat Food that is rich in fibre - like brown bread and brown rice. Eat more vegetable -celery is good for detox and fruits. Instead of fizzy drinks and alcohol, drink water! water is good for cleansing inside and out. :) Sleep 8- 10 hrs a day (prevent sleeping too late because your immune system will be weaker and.... eyebags! no no! we want slim body with nice skin Of course!!) Lastly, Eat every after 3 hours. and after 6:00pm, prevent eating or eating junk food due to you are hungry. if you ever got hungry after 6:00pm, then eat apples or grapes!. (fruits basically) but control yourself by eating too much at dinner. EAT MORE IN THE MORNING *GREEN TEA IS ALSO AN OPTION OF LOSING WEIGHT!* - detoxify your body and at the same time cleans your body inside and out. instead of drinking coffee. have tea! :D It took me almost 2 years to get my current weight. Because, to be honest I don't follow this, especially winter, when all you do really is nothing due to the cold weather. I get too lazy to walk because It's cold and at school we are still in skirts due to uniform. and I eat chocolates because... well I want chocolate xD that's why. and few weeks later. I gained weight! again &#194&#172&#194&#172 I was 70kg after 6 months but I went back to 75kg after.... guess what..... 3 weeks!!!!!! see what they do to you. :'( making us fat! :( and so i continued this but still, every winter comes, I just crave for chocolate xD hehehe. I don't why.? x] Anyways. I try to lose weight every spring for summer and every month I lose weight. well except... winters xD I gain weight. At the moment, I'm trying to lose weight again! because, I gained weight. I used to be 60kg and now, as I said, I'm 65 kg........... again - winter session. I'm trying to reach 60 kg again in spring, by following this "old-fashion" steps and try to become 55 kg by summer. ALSO! I posted a paper on my wardrobe that says "YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT SOON!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!" and it does help it! when I took it off because I lost 5 kg. I gained weight again! LOL because I thought I won't get fatter. but NO! So I put it back on again. and At the moment I lost 2 kg.well after 3 weeks. xD hope this "help" will help you lose weight safely. rather than starving yourself to death. GOOD LUCK!;)

lucinda x

hiya im lucinda and really want to lose weight plez cud u tell me an easy one to do xthnaks x


Yasmin I have the same problem! I have tried everything!!! xxx and I'm being a bridesmaid in 2 months :(


hi i'm yasmine how can i losse weight fast because i'm 14 stone and i'm 13 years old

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