Abortion - Risks and counselling

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abortion, risks and counselling


No medical procedure is free from risk but with abortions the risks are relatively low. You may experience bleeding, cramps and soreness, like a period. The chance of an abortion affecting your fertility is rare - in fact, you can still get pregnant just a week after a termination.
If you are still bleeding or in pain after 14 days then you need to see your GP or contact the clinic.
After the procedure it's really important that you avoid sex for at least two weeks to avoid infection and pregnancy. Talk to your GP or the clinic about the best contraception for you.


Choosing to have an abortion is a difficult decision and you don't have to go through it on your own. Talking to a counsellor can really help you make the right choice for you and cope with the decision that you make. A trained counsellor won't judge you or push you into making any decision that you are not happy with. You have the right to choose.

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