How to lose weight fast: Quick results diets revealed!

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Want to know how to lose weight fast? There are so many diet plans out there, but which diets help you lose weight quickly?

If you have an occasion coming up and you need a quick fix diet that works, or perhaps you've been planning to diet for a while and you just want to lose weight quickly, there are a few different diet plans you could try.

When you're carrying more weight than you'd like to, nobody really says 'I want to lose weight, but I'm hoping it's going to take a really, REALLY long time for me to do it'. Understandably, quick diets have a huge appeal but before embarking on one of our weight-loss plans that promise you to lose weight fast, it's worth considering if it's the right option for you.

If followed properly, these diet plans will deliver weight-loss results - fast! In fact, you could lose up to 10lbs in just seven days with our weight loss tips and diets that work fast. What's more, finding the right one for you couldn't be easier. Just take a look at how they work and choose the one you want to get started with.

If you're looking to lose a lot of weight or make a big change to your life, then a longer-term diet might be better for you. Please read them carefully and only embark for a short period of time.

The Lose Weight Fast diet plans

Nut and Muesli Diet

How much weight can I lose?
7lbs in 7 days

What do I have to do?
Slimmers normally avoid nuts like the plague as they're so high in calories. But, eaten in the right way, they could be your best friend when it comes to battling the bulge, according to natural health expert Michael van Straten. He has devised this week-long diet which uses nuts and muesli to help you lose up to half a stone while still providing your body with everything it needs.
Lose weight fast on the Nut and Muesli Diet


How much weight can I lose?
7lbs in 7 days

What do I have to do?
Slim.Fast is a meal replacement plan that allows you to eat up to six times a day. Its most famous products are the milkshake-style drinks that you have instead of breakfast and lunch. Slim.Fast claim you can lose up to 7lb during the first week and a steady 1lb a week after that.
Lose weight fast on the Slim Fast Diet

Juice diets

How much weight can I lose?
7lbs in 7 days

What do I have to do?
There are lots of different juice diets around but they are all based on the same idea - that by drinking large amounts of fresh fruit and vegetable juice, you'll detox your system and lose weight at the same time.
Lose weight fast on a juice diet

Cabbage Soup Diet

How much weight can I lose?
10lbs in 7 days

What do I have to do?
The Cabbage Soup Diet is an extremely low-fat, high fibre diet that lasts seven days. By the end of the week, fans of the diet claim you'll have lost up to 10lbs. It's only designed as a kick-start to help you lose weight quickly and is not supposed to be a long-term healthy eating plan.
Lose weight fast on the Cabbage Soup Diet

The Fast and Easy Diet

How much weight can I lose?
4lbs in 7 days

What do I have to do?
This simple meal planner will help you shop and prepare for your 1,200 calorie-a-day diet. It encourages you to eat slowly, have protein in very meal and make sensible food swaps.
Lose weight fast on the Fast and Easy Diet

Lose a Pound a Day Diet

How much weight can I lose?
7lbs in 7 days

What do I have to do?
The month-long plan starts with a seven-day detox and then three weeks 'maintenance'. Over the whole month you could lose up to a stone. The meal planner is based on the diet of the Swiss, as they are officially the slimmest people in Europe. The diet also gives you simple shopping list rules of what to buy and what to avoid.
Lose weight fast on the Lose a Pound a Day Diet

Drop a Dress Size in Five Days

How much weight can I lose?
A dress size in five days!

What do I have to do?
This is a low-fat, low-calorie, nutritionally-balanced five-day eating plan that will leave you feeling full while giving you everything you need to stay healthy.
Lose weight fast on the Drop a Dress Size in Five Days Diet

Detox diet

How much weight can I lose?
It varies from person to person, but you should feel lighter and more nourished in just 7 days.

What do I have to do?
This low-fat, low-calorie diet will ensure you lose weight by eating a high concentration of fruit and veg, which floods your system with vitamins and minerals, leaving you feeling healthy and glowing.
Lose weight fast on the Detox diet

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Have you tried any of these diets? Did you achieve the results you were hoping for, and did you maintain your weight loss afterwards? Let us know in the comment section below.

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kerry gillick

i want to to loose alot of weight by july can i do it kerry


i need to lose weight bye july how could i do this with out lots of exerise?


iwant to lose slot of wait I've tried everything it works then I fall out of the diet and gain it all back help me


losing a stone in a month isn't entirely possible stephanie, but just eat healthy, salads, fruit, vegetables, fish etc, and drink water only then you're on the right track. good luck x


hello i got a stone to lose i would like 2 lose it in a month wot i can eat 2 lose it and some advice and can u drink tea wiv no sugar thanx steph


Surely this is unhealthy to lose wieght this fast?


This could really help me.


Hi, I have just came back from a check up at the doctors and they have told me that i am over weight for my age and height and they also said i need to loose 6stone 10 lb before i see them again in 6 months. Can someone please please please help me acheive this goal.


Hi,, im 13 years old, i want to lose some weight because i weigh more than my mum and people can see i am quite big,, so if its possible i just want a good way to lose quite a bit of weight quickly,, pleasee


i am 13 years old and i want to lose about 30 pounds and i am looking to losing 10 pounds a week what diet would be best?


i have always been very fit a runner for wales bodybuilding but i broke my back and had my coccyx removed 2 years ago i am on nerve blockers which seem to be holding this weight on me i am now bought myself a push bike to try and get the weight off i have no feeling in left leg as they cut the nerves to it... i am now 2 stone over weight and having a second op in oct but with this weight no way are they going to do it as i will be high risk need help fast i do take a high amount of pain killers as well and i am a veggie what else can i do HELP some body


I am 21 weighting nearly 20st, just gave birth to my daughter 4months ago, lost weight while pregnant an put it all back on all and my best friend are 'big' and our problem is takeaways ALL THE TIME...ive ruled it out an started the gym and the weight is falling off me :) properly and keep active...stop picking and ordering out...its your only man.


im 22 im 11 stone an wanted to at less 2 an a half stone, i tryed trim-endous sliming pills an they did no work. can any body else give me any good tips an advice that work


I am a 14 year old girl, and I weigh 10stone. What can I do to lose as much weight as possible in 4 weeks? I really need help.... :/


hiya I tried the cabbage soup diet and I really hated it! I've started using patches that curb your appetite and I have to say they're working fine. My best mate recently lost some weight and she says it's thanks to them. We buy them online I stick them on my thighs because that's where I want to lose the most and I have lost a few cm since last week. I feel good.


i went from a size 12 to a 18 when i was pregnant, an tryed everything 2 shed the 1lbs after giving birth, no diets was working, i was either hungry all day, or was suffering with headaches an had no energy,so i gave up an started eatin when i wanted but healthy, i had branflakes with skimmed milk 4 breakfast with a cup of tea, tuna or egg salad sandwich an peice of fruit 4 lunch, an tea time i had stirfry wi chicken and salad,or rice an grilled chicken with salad,or jacket potato with a filling, every time i felt hungry i would eat fruit, i also ate 2 jaffa cake biscuits a day,an would drink tea when i wanted, i walked 3 days a week for a hour, an would still have a drink wi friends on a fri night, vodka an cranberry juice, an u know what?? i lost 71bs the 1st week, an 5lbs the week after, an every week i was losing between 2 an 3lbs,so we dnt need 2 waste money on diet pills,or go hungry, just eat sensible an walk a few hrs a week, an trust me u will shed those unwanted pounds, keep them off an be happy an healthy at same time..good luck all


im gna try the juice diet i need 2 looose weight reall fastt i feeel obese


Hi I have managed to slim down from 7st 8lb to 7st exactly in a week with the following - breakfast orange juice, 1 weetabix and skimmed milk and half a banana, lunch water, chicken slice, cheese string and a yogurt and dinner turkey or tuna steak grilled, stir fry veg and water. I only drank water and tea with the exception of orange juice at breakfast and I also excercised for half an hour a day running listening to my ipod. not as bad as it sounds and i have stuck to the excercise now to keep the weight off


hey im 15 and nine stone, and only 5ft and my BMI says im over weight is there a safe and easy way to lose weight quickly x


:( are the patches helpful and safe in loosing weight??? I would like to try them, but I am afraid a little bit.


hey im a 14 year old girl and i am 8 and a half stone and i want to loose at least a stone! im going to try several diets to get to my target weight! wish me luck x


I have just lost 45lb in 10months and I did this by careful eating (not depriving myself either) and lots and lots of walking. I started walking for an hour a day 3 times a week then up to 5 times a week. Before I started walking I was losing a 1lb a week, after I started walking the weight just came of easy and I toned up really fast too! A lot of these fad diets might help you to jump start your diet but as soon as you go back to eating normally the weight will just pile back on. You need to change your lifestyle and get more active. The more you do the more calories you will burn and the faster the weight will come off and you will feel amazing too! Good luck everyone who's trying


I've just come accross this and I'm thinking, maybe these aren't the healthiest options. I'm 16 years old, and I'm 12 stone. At the moment I'd be happy to lose at least a stone. Is there an easier and safer way to lose weight?


all of you sound completely ridiculous. I've been there and know how yall feel...honestly you can try your soup diets and nut diets and juice diets, however in the long run if you want to get in shape and be HEALTHY (aka not looking like a twig on the runway) then you need to eat the right foods, stop eating after 8 at night, NO SODAS. not even diet. Only water!!! And i know this word may seem satanic, but also yall need to go to the gym and bust your ass. Cardio mainly. Think about how many hours a day you waste watching tv or on the how many 30 minutes could you fit in there? A LOT! Screw the pills, and the diets, and stop the starvation. If you want a healthy fit body then stop being lathargic and do something. BE PROACTIVE.


i'm going to try the juice diet...wish me luck!!


Hi, i am 24 year old girl and recently i realise that my weight is gone up to 60KG and now i don't know what to do so plz prepare a planned diet chart for me

lauren and stephani

hi where wondering how to lose weight fast as we are hoping to attend britans got talent in a couple of months and we need to look sknnier than what we are just now so plzz can u help us xxxxx


i want 2 lose weigt fast so i feel good about myself in along time i wish i felt better with myself also to fit into clothes i haven't been able to and to not be judged by anyone because of my size.


Hi, i am 15 year old girl and recently i realise that my weight is gone up to 60KG and now i don't know what to do so plz prepare a planned diet chart for me


im gona try the juice diet good luck 2 u XxXxX...hum...XxXxX

Jenny Thompson

I am going to try the juice diet! I will let you no on my results if it is possible to lose 7lbs in seven days!!


i want to lose weight as quickly as i can,so i can feel happy about myself and moore confident can u recommend any easy and fast diets many thanks paige x

Rebecca Louise Fitzgerald

Hi, I recently started putting weight on again after a big loss in weight due to illness. I have a pretty serious medical condition so I can't have a lot of food high in potassium as my body can not break it down on its own, so that would be basically any thing healthy (mainly root veg, bananas, melon and so on)!! I would really appreciate any advice on diet plans. Thanks 😊

Sherryl Keith

You can get the best diet guide on WooPep diet website :)

Roxy Chan

But losing weight so quicker will also make it gain faster if we do leave the diet right??

John Crooks

Diet is key to weight loss. 80% diet, 20% exercise, that's the general rule of thumb in terms of importance. Most people work their butts off in the gym but make poor diet choices so they struggle to see results


this is best post i iliked it


Losing weight is not a difficult task these days but it takes some times. This article is quite helpful for those people who wants to lose weight. One can also join a weight loss boot camp in order to reduce extra fats from body.


Well to lose that type of weight in six months and if your Doctor has told you to do this, without explaining to you the method change doctors. Any diet the first few weeks you will see a lot of weight come off as your body will adjust and your going to lose water , but then it's rated about about 1lb a week is safe, to lose six stone would take anything upwards of two years.


Nope and why would anyone on this site know.


Are all yanks nuts.


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hello :) I use a diet which is very effective for me, throughout the week eat a low calorie diet (3 small meals per day) then fast for two days per week. NOT IN A ROW! it shocks the metabolism and speeds it up. please take in to account health issues/problems this isn't for everyone consult a doctor before however I personally find it beneficial.:) good luck :) x

personal trainer connecticut

To lose weight fast, people should do regular exercise and eat a healthy and proper diet. One should drink lots of water and eat fruits and vegetables. One can also prefer yoga and cycling to reduce weight quickly.

Laurie Whyman

Since the 1980s, when a sugar substitute was made from (sweet) corn, was taken up by the food industry, we have an obesity epedemic on our hands, and the use of Frucose corn syrup is one of the reasons. Corn syrup is cheaper to produce than sugar, but it is addictive, extremely fattening, and interfers with the livers function to produce the appetite contoling hormone "Leptin" Check the labels on any food product, or fizzy, drink, and make a special note of how much is in "Low Fat" options! Avoiding these items in your diet, and eating fresh produce, drinking water instead, will help you lose weight whatever plan you are on

Ignatius Attard

I am intersted in these shakes to replace my meals....i would like to ask "where do u get these shakes from or at least what do you ask when you go to buy these products?" Do they have side affects on kidneys etc...

Flissy Jayne

hi, i have tried diffrent diets but i just struggle all the time and its getting me down.can any one help me with any good diets they have tried and that has worked for them?? please help me. thank u


I read an article on here about the Acai Berry Diet, it said a new reporter had tried & documented the diet. It had a llink to the site of which she ordered free trials of the berry, underneath it had loads of other peoples comments saying how wonderfull th eberry was. I ordered mine but didnt not receive them, i was charged £7 for delivery. I also googled it & to my horror, came up scams! Other people have been robbed of hundreds of pounds from the site, which i found on this website! Can someone explain this?


heey, i need to lose weight and i need to lose weight fast, because it just makes me miserable, i need a diet that can help, pleaaseee!


Hi, I have just came back from a check up at the doctors and they have told me that i am over weight for my age and height and they also said i need to loose 6stone 10 lb before i see them again in 6 months. Can someone please please please help me acheive this goal.


Hi all. I'm reading all your comments and i can't believe how young alot of you are wanting to diet.Teenage bodies always go through many different weights at a young age.This is normal for adolescent girls.Ok so we see all these size zero models who have personal trainers,make-up artists etc etc but watching every single mouthful is no way to live.Moderate your intake,smaller portions and healthier diet will make the world of difference. All bodies are different so don't compare yourself to others or to your friends. Learn to love and use what you have....A big personality is better than any small frame!! x


Hi to All, I do agree with Angel as i diet is not a quick solution is a life style. all those diets around and all the magical pills you see is it all false. nothing can make you lose weigth without balance. you see when you want to lose weight what you really want is to lose body fat as that is the element that makes you not fitting in your favourite jeans!!!. if you starve yourself yes you will lose wait quickly but as we say the fast it goes the faster it will be gained. the best solution is what we all already know: -exercise 3 times a week; -eat good food (a good balance on carbs proteins and fat like 50% 35% 15%); DONT skip meals that will trigger your body in starvation mode; eat small meals every 4 hours. follow the magical rules of: in the morning eat like a king or queen,in the day time like a prince and a night time like a poor as the most calories you do need is during the day time. enjoy your food see it as it is just energy for your body. avoid fizzy drink or too much alchool, avoid all the unsaturated and saturated stuff that society wants you to buy. make small changes into your life and try to see the little step one at the time,Remeber that Rome was not build in one day. dont use the scale as it will only show your total body weitght instead use the MIRROR it will not lie to you. anything can be achived if you put your mind in to it. if you need any advice search the web you can drop a line if you want i will try to give good suggestions. bye. Al.


hi im alex i am 13 and i way 8 and when i am around or out wid my friends i feel uncomfertuble with my weight they are all skim and i am the biggest one there and my best friend goes round telling people how much i weight and they all think im dead big plz help me plz!!!!!!


i am 16 nearly 17 i weight nearly 19 in a half stone and i hate it :( i want to loose weight fast can you help me please, i feel so uncomforatble when i am round mate and bf coz i feel bigger than them :(


Hi, IM A 15 girl and recently i realise that my weight is gone up to 80KG and now i don't know what to do so plz prepare a planned diet chart for me


hi, im 15 and i way nearly 15 stones i need hellpp to lossee wait fastt. pleaseee can u help mee. thank u


1m 12 years old and i weigh nerly 15 stones i need help how can i lose waight in 2 and ahalf months helppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp :(

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