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Ever wondered what it would be like to go out with a man you'd paid for? Meet Golden. His business is your pleasure.

This is the real life memoirs of Golden who has wined, dined and slept with dozens of successful, beautiful women - all at their expense. Dip into a world of champagne, celebrities and lots of naughty nights.

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This is one of the most annoying books I have ever persevered through... basically the back bone to the book is how Golden's sex fueled life is so much better than any one's else because he gets spoilt by his keepers. The only sophistication to his life is brought for him, including the clothes he wares, although he likes to portray that he is better than most throughout the novel. Further, it seems the book is simply a vessel for the author to show off how fantastic his life is & how amazing he is in bed, he even refers to himself in the novel as a "beautiful young dandy". The book screams self-centred, show off-ish, rubbish, and the worst part of buying the book is the thought that I have paid for Mr Golden to continue the lifestyle, which apparently is much better than mine & everyone else's. After seeing Golden on 'This Morning' (ITV), and knowing what he looks like I feel 90% of the book could be false, he certainly doesn't look like the beautiful hunk everyone in a club would want to sleep with, quite the opposite in-fact a greasy & geeky looking man.


Good luck to Greg, I wish him and his book the greatest success. I hope the ex's and so-called friends coming out of the woodwork don't get to him and I look forward to hearing his music. My own gigolo memoirs were written 18 months ago and are being published by John Blake on 7th July 2008. "Nice Work If You Can Get It" by me, Dean Saunders, will be in all good bookshops in 10 days time!!! If you;ve room for two books for your holiday, make mine the other one!!! Cheers Deano

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