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What is it?
It's a way of massaging the soles of the feet and toes to stimulate the rest of the body.

How does it work?
The belief is that the soles of the feet and toes relate to the major organs and systems in the body, and that reflexology encourages blood flow to the areas of the body that need healing. A therapist will look at your feet and feel them to find out which parts are tense - this indicates what needs treatment.

What conditions can it treat?
Reflexologists believe they can help all sorts of conditions and bring the body back into balance. Circulation problems,
skin diseases, digestive disorders and joint problems.
Many women find that reflexology can help with PMT
and throughout pregnancy.

Can I have it on the NHS?
No, although in one or two cancer wards it is used as a relaxing treatment alongside beauty treatments such as manicures and light massage.

How much does it cost?
Costs vary but expect to pay around £25 for one session, which can last up to an hour.

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Where can I go to get treatment and find out more information?
Visit the Association of Reflexologists or the International Institute of Reflexology International Institute of Reflexology

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