Chinese medicine/TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

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What is it?
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is used alongside traditional medicine in China and has been around for thousands of years. The philosophy behind Chinese medicine is that the body has five main channels of energy and these need to be in harmony to work properly. It uses a combination of therapies, such as acupuncture, herbalism, animal and mineral extracts and massage to treat illness.

How does it work?
Practicioners look at the skin, tongue, eyes, breathing, temperature, pulse and use a questionnaire to diagnose you. This is to work out where there is an imbalance of energy. A variety of techniques will be used to treat illness and disease and correct the flow of energy in the body.

What conditions can it treat?
It is used to treat infections, allergies, back pain, arthritis, fertility and emotional and mental problems.

Can I have it on the NHS?

How much does it cost?
An initial consultation with a Chinese medicine practicioner will cost between £30-£50 although this cost does vary and then the cost of medicine and follow-up treatment will be an extra charge.

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Where can I go to get treatment and find out more information?
Because there have been cases of severe allergic reaction it is strongly advised that you speak to your doctor before seeing a TCM practicioner. 

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