Health in your 40s

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health in your 40s
After the age of 45 the risk for men having a heart attack becomes higher. Diet is really important. Cut down on salt and fat and take regular, gentle aerobic exercise.


Kidneys start to shrink and become less good at filtering out the bad stuff and processing the good stuff. So drink plenty of water and watch your alcohol intake.

Digestive system

In your 40s the nervous system and the muscles that control your digestive system become slacker and simple things like swallowing can become tricky. You might find you are more prone to bloating and indigestion. It sounds like common sense but chewing slowly and drinking lots of water with your meals can help.


Many people in their 40s suddenly notice that closer objects are harder to see. This is quite normal but you need to visit an optician for an eye test.


Have you noticed your joints are more creaky? In your 40s your bone density decreases, which is a result of ageing and hormonal factors. This means your bones get weaker and your joints get stiffer and creakier. Up your intake of omega oils for your joints and dairy products for calcium, but choose the low-fat options to reduce fat and calories.

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Wear and tear of joints and ligaments is more common when you hit your 40s so regular exercise is key. It doesn't have to be strenuous - in fact, gentle exercise and stretching is better for you. Try to do something like walking, yoga, Pilates or swimming two or three times a week.

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