Who is the goodtoknow Diet Club good for?

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The goodtoknow Diet Club is good for anyone who wants to lose weight and learn how to keep if off.

The online food diary shows you how many calories are in everything you eat, so soon enough making diet-friendly decisions about what you eat will become second nature.

Any exercise you do also goes into the diary and comes off your calorie-allowance. The brilliant thing about this part of the plan, is that you can find out the 'minus calories' in loads of every day activites like walking, ironing, doing your fitness DVD at home...

The goodtoknow Diet Club is also great for anyone who wants to be able to enjoy themselves once in a while! You can go out for a meal and if you go over your calorie intake for the day, just balance it out over the rest of the week with more exercise and make adjustments to what you eat. 

As well as dieters, the plan works brilliantly for people looking to eat healthily and maintain their current weight. The 5-a-day and alcohol tracker automatically show you if you've hit your fruit and veg target intake for the day or if you've over done it on the booze. 

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