The great sex workout: 7 nights of sex

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Try a new sex position every night for a week and burn 970 calories! And if you stick to this plan for a month you'll burn 4780 calories in a month - the equivalent to a large takeaway and a bottle of wine.

So, forget the gym or strict diets, instead burn fat and lose weight with our sexy exercise plan - you'll look slimmer, feel better, it'll bring you closer to your partner and it's free.

And did you know...

  • An orgasm can burn between 60-100 calories
  • Sex gives you an aerobic workout, helps you to sleep, releases happy hormones and stimulates the immune system
  • 30 minutes of kissing burns 90 calories and it has a great toning effect on the face and neck muscles - goodbye jowls!
  • Oral sex can burn off the equivalent of a small glass of wine and semen contains high levels of vitamin C and protein, which helps to curb hunger.
  • Masturbation can burn between 100-150 calories in 30 minutes

So, what are you waiting for? Do 30 minutes of any one of our 7 sexy positions, or mix it up and play around with a couple of positions, as long as you have 30 minutes of passion every night - you'll burn fat.

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Night then!

ozoemene ogechi christiana

it's so educating. thanks guys.........


That's a shame Christine - if you need any help drop me a line! Sounds like he needs a rest.


I clicked on your link in my email for "follow the egg & grapefruit diet now" - but this page keeps coming up. I am not very happy about this, and my husband is tired!

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