Woman's Own Egg and Grapefruit Diet questions

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Monica Grenfell
Your diet questions answered by Woman's Own's diet guru, Monica Grenfell.

This doesn't seem much - isn't it a starvation diet?
No! Starvation is total lack of nutrients and calories, whereas this diet is more nutritious than what most people eat in a day.

What if I get really hungry?
First port of call - think thin! None of us is so famished that a week of restriction will do any harm. You're doing a good thing for your body here. In a real emergency, have some orange juice or a hard-boiled egg.

I'm on a budget. Do I have to have fresh fruit all the time?
No, tinned is just as good.

Will I lose more weight if I exercise?
Never use exercise to control weight - all that pounding and sweating is ageing in my view, and exercise is better used to shape and sculpt your figure. Yes, be active and walk a mile a day, at least, but always control weight by eating less.

Won't I just pile the weight back on when I finish the diet?
Try to keep a mid-point in your ideal weight so a few pounds either way aren't noticed by anyone but you. Even if you do stabilise upwards, it'll be by a few pounds, mostly water.

Why it's nutritious

- Eggs and grapefruit or oranges are a brilliant nutritional combination - the iron in eggs is better absorbed when you have vitamin C. Always have citrus fruits when eating eggs.
- Eggs are a 'complete' food, containing all eight essential amino acids for growth, plus they're high in protein.
- Egg whites are pure protein, with only 10 calories each.

Woman's Own's diet guru Monica Grenfell has a degree in food science and nutrition, and has published a host of best-selling books, including the famous 5 Days To A Flatter Stomach.

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Rita Economides

I have a question, do you eat also the yolk egg or only the white koz the yellow has fat???how many kilo you could loose a week with this diet??


what about using olive oil,and other ingredians???pls,i really need to know that becouse i started with the diet,it's my second day...and coffe with milk?is it ok?tnx

Ann Kennedy

Hi, does it matter how much eggs and grapefriut I eat, and have I got to eat them only when suggested or can I eat a hard boilded egg if hungry and continue eating grapefriut. regards Annie

Barbara maver

I have tried lots of diets from magasines and they haven't worked or I have given them up but this one sems to work.

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