Woman's Own Credit Crunch Diet: Suggested Menus

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Suggested Menus

Day 1
Breakfast: Muesli is the best choice as it is high in fibre, with nuts, seeds and mixed cereals
Cost: With 200ml milk, 36p
Calories: 305

Lunch: Ham salad, sweetcorn and a Satsuma
Cost: 84p
Calories: 170

Dinner: Make a sauce of lamb and the chopped tomatoes which gives 4 servings. Portion penne pasta and the sauce, with half the broccoli. Banana and yogurt
Cost: £1.31
Calories: 395
Total calories: 870 (plus tea and coffee)

Day 2
Breakfast: Multigrain, seeded bread has extra protein and oils from the seeds. 2 slices toast with spread, 1 glass ruby grapefruit juice
Cost: 48p
Calories: 250

Lunch: Tuna salad with an apple and a satsuma
Cost: 72p
Calories: 246

Dinner: Jacket potato with cheese and salad. Banana
Cost: £1.05
Calories: 410
Total calories: 906

Day 3
Breakfast: Muesli with milk, 1 satsuma
Cost: 48p
Calories: 345

Lunch: Cheese sandwich and an apple
Cost: 68p
Calories: 284

Dinner: 2-egg omelette and sweetcorn, 1 mashed potato. Yogurt and banana
Cost: 98p
Calories: 590
Total calories: 1,219

Day 4
Breakfast: 1 egg, boiled or poached, 1 slice toast, 1 glass grapefruit juice
Cost: 64p
Calories: 244

Lunch: Tuna sandwich, yogurt, banana
Cost: 58p
Calories: 370

Dinner: Second portion of lamb sauce with pasta. Salad with grated carrot apple and satsuma
Cost: £1.31
Calories: 395
Total calories: 1,009

Day 5
Breakfast: Muesli with milk and a grated apple
Cost: 48p
Calories: 365

Lunch: 1 slice toast, half a tin baked beans and a glass of grapefruit juice
Cost: 67p
Calories: 254

Dinner: Jacket potato with lamb sauce. Carrots and the other half
of broccoli. Satsuma, banana
Cost: £1.05
Calories: 485
Total calories: 1,104

Day 6
Breakfast: Smoothie made with 1 banana and 200ml milk, 1 slice toast.
Cost: 42p
Calories: 217

Lunch: Egg salad with grated carrot and tomato. Glass grapefruit juice
Cost: £1.19
Calories: 222

Dinner: Fourth portion of penne pasta and lamb sauce. Salad. Yogurt and satsuma
Cost: £1.92
Calories: 415
Total calories: 854

Day 7
Breakfast: Muesli and milk topped with 1 sliced banana OR 2 eggs scrambled on 1 slice toast and glass grapefruit juice.
Cost: 78p
Calories: 395

Lunch: Half tin baked beans on 2 slices toast, 1 tomato, sliced. The other half tin of peaches
Cost: 53p
Calories: 284

Dinner: Portion pasta with sauce of tuna and sweetcorn and half tin chopped tomatoes. Yogurt and apple
Cost: £1.61
Calories: 385
Total calories: 1,064

An average day's calories: 1,000

Top Tips
  • Write a list of meals for the week. This isn't difficult as most people don't vary breakfast much

  • Buy the exact amount you need, e.g., 7 tomatoes or 1 slice of ham

  • Buy from the deli counter and don't be afraid to ask for 1 slice

  • Buy all fruit and vegetables loose. The same amount pre-packaged costs on average of 30p more

  • Don't have seconds. Each extra serving is another £1 and extra calories!

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Hilary Pollard

I am going to start these menus next week and have noticed that on day 7, for lunch, it says to have the other half of the tinned peaches. I cannot find where the first half is supposed to be eaten. Can you help please? Also, do you know if there are going to be any variations on these menus or could I maybe use chicken instead of lamb's mince in some way? Regards Hilary Pollard

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