How to cope with a midlife crisis

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A woman in a midlife crisis
Feeling old and boring, as if life has passed you by? Don't worry. A midlife crisis isn't pleasant, but it's a perfectly normal experience. Here's how to get through it and come out smiling!

What is a midlife crisis?

A midlife crisis is the realisation that you're not only an adult, but have reached the half way mark. If you find this difficult, painful or frightening to accept then you are probably suffering from a midlife crisis.

Who suffers from a midlife crisis?

Men and women aged between 35-55 are most commonly affected. 'For women, a midlife crisis tends to coincide with children leaving home or no longer needing them as much,' says Relate therapist Paula Hall. 'For men, it's more an awareness of ageing and a decline in self esteem, often linked to work.'

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Experts agree that the people who suffer most are those who have been feeling dissatisfied for a long time already. 'A midlife crisis can hit you particularly hard if you've been putting up with a job you hate or a miserable marriage because you thought you had to. You can suddenly become quite desperate,' says Paula.

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i,d just like to say my hubby is having online chats with several women ,as far as i know hes not actually met them just flirting and such online.we,ve been married for 14 years got a 15 yr old daughter.been a reral shock dont know how i,m ever going to trust him again.


my ex partner is defo going thru it. first it was porn then it was depression ... since leaving the family home, in the past 6 weeks hes on dating websites looking for women (4) he says he feels better(im 10 years younger than him) without me and when he sees his son he leaves his son with his 70 year old mother whilst going to another woman. hes 47.dressing younger. wasnt interested in family life.when lived here.

Yolanda Munoz

I'm 35 already all my kids are under 6 I only have three, anyway I feel old and boring all I ever do is stay home with the kids while my husband works. We don't have time to go out on dates I'm depressed about about it.

Tracey Thomas

My husband walked out last year from what I believe a midlife crisis as since he has left he has started clubbing again and dressing younger, doesnt want to know the kids its very heartbreaking and came as a great shock that someone could just walk out of a marriage and change so much


What about when she is the one having the affair??

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