Quiz: How angry are you?

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A woman shouting into a phone
A new study has found that getting angry can actually be good for you.

Apparently, getting angry means that your body deals with stress better - as anger encourages the brain to release positive feelings.

Other recent studies have shown that women are more angry than ever before. Do you turn into a two-headed monster at the flick of a switch? Does the slightest thing make you want to explode? Our quiz will tell you how angry you are.

Answer these 7 questions, making a note of how many of your answers are (a), (b), (c) or (d). Then we'll tell you whether you're a pot about to boil over or so laidback you're practically horizontal. Ready? OK, let's go...

Question 1

Do people irritate you every day? (Make sure you write down your answers)

Continued below...

(a) Always
(b) Often
(c) Sometimes
(d) Very rarely


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(b) often

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