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Type 1 - Vanity pounds

Celebrity type 1
Carol McGiffin. Slim Carol's party lifestyle means her weight can yo-yo.

Who's it for?
Those who eat well, but when they go mad, they're bad! Your downfalls are alcohol and late-night takeaways. To manage on 850 calories, eat mainly proteins and veg, and ditch starch alcohol and sugar.

Good points
This diet will allow you to spot-reduce temporary bulges in only 7-14 days.

It won't reshape your body and you won't shed long-term pounds.

Cals per day

Type 1 menus:

Breakfasts - 200 cals
- Fruit and yogurt
- Teacup unsweetened grapefruit segments (in juice), two boiled eggs
- 2 boiled eggs, fresh orange juice

Lunches - 250 cals
- Ham, chicken, beef or tuna salad
- Omelette with cottage cheese, 42g cheese and an apple
- Stir-fried mixed veg and chicken

Dinners - 300 cals
- Baked cod, carrots, spinach
- Poached salmon fillet with steamed veg
- Avocado and walnut salad - mix ½ avocado with 6 walnuts, and pile on to salad greens. Add dressing of yogurt and lemon juice
-170g pan-fried chicken –- add 1tbsp creme fraiche to pan, 3 boiled potatoes, spinach and carrots

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Fruit (see calorie counter)

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