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Want to devise your own meals for your diet style? Food nutritionist Monica Grenfell does the calorie-counting for you...

Monica says:
I've rounded up all the calories below to the nearest 10. Pick foods from the list below and add up calories to suit - or choose from the suggested menus for Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3.

The quantity of food groups each diet type is allowed per day:

Type 1 - Vanity pounds
Protein: 2 Starch: 0 Cereal: 0 Vegetable: 4 Fruit: 2 Dairy: 3 Fats: 1

Type 2 - Stubborn
Protein: 2 Starch: 1 Cereal: 1 Vegetable: 3 Fruit: 3 Dairy: 2 Fats: 2

Type 3 - Slow and steady
Protein: 2 Starch: 1 Cereal: 2 Vegetable: 3 Fruit: 3 Dairy: 3 Fats: 2


1 egg 80
Skinless chicken breast 200
Small tin tuna 110
Salmon fillet 200
Portion cod 140
3tbsp minced beef 140
3 slices chicken or turkey 140
Quorn fillet 120
Small steak 280

1 slice granary bread 80
1 wholemeal pitta 200
4tbsp pasta 180
4tbsp rice 180
200g potato 200
3 small boiled potatoes 100
8 chips 90

40g Special K 110
40g sugar-free muesli 240
1 shredded wheat 80
30g porridge with honey 110
1 Weetabix 70

Vegetables - all 20 calories per tbsp
Greens, spinach, carrots, peas, beans of sweetcorn, large plate of raw veg (such as celery, carrot sticks), baked beans, broad beans, butter beans, etc. A mixed salad is 50 cals

Fruit - 50 calories per portion
½ banana, apple, pear, 15 grapes, 1 orange, 2 slices mango, 1 ring pineapple, 2 plums, small portion tinned peaches, 5 strawberries, six prunes, 10 raspberries

½ pint skimmed milk 90
½ pint semi-skimmed milk 130
Small pot plain bio yogurt 80
Small tub low-fat cottage cheese 110
1 thin slice Cheddar cheese 60
Small carton plain fat-free yogurt 60
30g Edam cheese 90

1tbsp olive oil spread 60
1tbsp oily salad dressing 50
1tbsp sunflower oil 100

Continued below...

½ avocado 140
½ pint soya milk 100
Small carton soya yogurt 90

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You can now buy Slimming World books of all kinds on ebay. Shop around as the prices vary enormously! Or join a class when the special offer is on (you pay about £5 to join) and get all your books on your first visit. Good luck!!

Bernadette Mahoney

Just saw your post. I have an old 1991 guide from Slimming Mag and still use, tried to find similar but nothing as good. Best I found was A-Z of Calories, although I bought that in 2001

lynda fisher

this calorie counter is good but is there not a fuller list of foods and their respective calories.Years ago when Slimming Magazine was on the go, they produced several little booklets which were very helpful. I managed to buy several of these booklets and these were invaluable but over the years I either lost them or they just fell apart with use. Do you know where I might purchase any such booklets again. Thank you

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