Smart food swaps: Lunch

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Egg mayo rolls
If you're eating out, potatoes are the healthiest choice. Try with beans or chilli for a good, high-fibre, low-fat meal.

Mounds of coleslaw and lashings of creamy dressings and oil make salads taste better, but they're loaded with calories for hardly any nutritional return.

Lunch swaps:

Instead of: Cheese salad baguette: 726 calories; 24.7g fat
Swap for: Round of wholemeal egg mayonnaise sandwiches: 370 calories, 9.4g fat

Instead of: Ploughmans with cheese, pickle and bread: 1037 calories, 37.8g fat
Swap for: Jacket potato and baked beans: 354 calories, 0.1g fat

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Top tip: Avoid high-calorie dressings such as mayonnaise, salad cream, sour cream, blue cheese etc. Use reduced fat mayonnaise (25 cals per tbsp), a squeeze of lemon juice (2 cals) or calorie-reduced Thousand Island dressing (30 cals per tbsp).

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