Smart food swaps: Dinner and dessert

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Lemon sorbet dessert
The worst habit most people have is eating hardly anything in the day, then thinking they've somehow saved enough calories for an evening pig-out...

Not so. The calories 'saved' amount to about 500. Never, ever eat more in the evening - just eat smarter. This means not wasting calories.


Instead of: 3 barbecued sausages, chips, 1tbsp barbecue sauce: 1103 calories, 12.9g fat
Swap for: Barbecued chicken breast, 6oz jacket potato, 1tbsp half-fat creme fraiche, green beans: 437 calories, 9.4g fat

Instead of: Slice bacon and egg quiche, salad, Thousand Island dressing: 620 calories, 17.2g fat
Swap for: 2 rashers smoked bacon, grilled and shredded, mixed with hard-boiled egg, tossed onto salad and mixed with oil and vinegar: 330 calories, 5.5g fat

Instead of: Hamburger with bun and 1tbsp sweetcorn relish: 522 calories, 17.2g fat
Swap for: Skinny burger without bun, 2tbsp sweetcorn, salad, 1tbsp barbecue sauce: 333 calories, 4g fat


Instead of: Two scoops ice cream: 232 calories, 7.6g fat
Swap for:Two scoops lemon sorbet: 96 calories, 0g fat

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Instead of: Chocolate mousse, average serving: 172 calories, 4g fat
Swap for: Jelly and fresh fruit: 85 calories, 0g fat

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