Woman's Own: Lose a stone in 6 weeks!

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Follow the diet that helped actress Gaynor Faye to shed the pounds easily, devised by food nutritionist Monica Grenfell

Monica says:
This diet is simple to follow and, like Gaynor, you could shed up to a stone in six weeks.

I've based it on the famous Scarsdale Medical Diet from the 1960s, which is high-protein but low in calories. You have a slice of protein bread (see 'the diet basics', below) with each meal, you can eat cheese if you want and even have a glass of dry wine each night!

Follow the starter diet for one week, then, eating the same breakfast each day, introduce the more elaborate lunch and dinner menus and repeat for six weeks.

The diet basics:

1. 4oz butter (or spread) must last you seven days.

2. Allow yourself ½ pint of semi-skimmed/skimmed milk per day.

3. Have 3 slices of protein bread a day, such as banana bread, walnut bread, Vogel's range of seeded breads or
Warburton's Seeded Batch (all stocked by major supermarkets).

Continued below...

4. Have 40g havarti, Edam or cottage cheese a day.

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I don't think 6 weeks to lose a stone is unreasonable as long as your health is looked after and you don't deprive yourself of any of the important food groups. There are some amazing tips on TLC for snacks, fitness and ideas on lifestyle choices - all of which combined with the fabulous recipes can really help you stay on track and achieve the bodyshape you're after. have a look here for further information and join us on there!


Hi. Okay, basically I need to lose a stone or 2 in about six weeks. I am in a different country for two of those weeks which complicates matters and i can't really change my diet because I'm thirteen. I think I'm fat and its really starting to bug me because I can't dress how I want or anything. PLEASE HELP!!! thank you for reading:)


im 15 and have just found an amazing dress for my prom in about 6 weeks the only problem is it is a size too small any tips on how i can get into im trying healthy eating and about at least 25 minutes of exercise a day but im still not fitting into the dress please help

Lisa Berrill

To beth; melissa and paige, I am 28 just had my first child and am a zoo keeper but am on maternity leave at the min, the reason I want to loose weight is because I am so used to being busy in my job that being off with my daughter I have gained weight and am hoping I can get rid of my bad eating habits that I have developed since being on maternity leave. I understand your anxiety as I have worried about my weight all my life, but in reality I was average, 5ft 3in and a size 10 I shouldnt have worried about my weight but people around me would comment about people that were 'over-weight' and the media doesnt help as it shows glamourous girls very thin and beautiful but you dont see the hard work that does into it or the negative side effects from poor nutrition. Girls you are young and your body is growing denying it food will make you ill, you will more likely get bad skin, limp hair, tiredness, irritability etc so dont diet just cause you feel you have to, just exercise more to feel more positive about who you are. I am sure that you are all stunning girls who are just unsure about how you look. I dont mean to patronize but if my daughter was your age I would hate to think that she feels she had to loose weight, as I have been there done that and it makes you do miserable constantly worrying and comparing yourself to your friends etc. But if you do still wish to diet, do it properly drink more water, eat less junk food and walk more you will be surprised at the outcome. x


Hii.. im 13 and want to lose weight because i think im fat. my friends always say there fat when they're no where near fat and it makes me feel fatter. I am getting really down about it and want to lose weight and look better for it as well.. i dont know which diet to take though so can you help me please? Thanks x

Melissa Greenwood

Hii, Im on only 12 but i think im fat, all my friends keep on saying there goin on diets and none of them are fat and say they dont need to, but lately i have been thinking, im always saying to them they dont need to but i think that i do! so i want i diet what can help me get slim but meanin im only young i dont know wich diet to pic theres so meny! Wich ones the best?? ILoveYouu x

paige t

heloo i am goig on a diet at 14 coz we are going to spain and i wanna look my best have u got any tips

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