Digestive remedies

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What's it good for?
Heartburn and acid indigestion.

What does it contain?
The active ingredients are calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and alginic acid.

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'You can save on this one because antacids, which is what this is, are all are all basically the same but you might prefer a certain flavour or texture, i.e. one that you can chew rather than suck. But if you have to take them regularly I would look at your digestion, what are you eating that is giving you problems? Are you eating too quickly because you're stressed?'


What's it good for?
in adults and children aged over 12 and diarrhoea associated with IBS.

What does it contain?
Loperamide hydrochloride

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Spend or save?
'This is generally well tolerated and helpful as a quick fix. If abdominal pain, fever, passing blood or mucus occurs, or the diarrhoea persists seek medical advice.'

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