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Vicks VapoRub

What's it good for?
It's used to clear a blocked nose and chest, ease a sore throat and congestion due to coughs and colds.

What does it contain?
The active ingredients are camphor, which is a cough suppressant and mild, painkiller, eucalyptus oil, which suppresses a cough and menthol, which is also a cough suppressant and painkiller.

Spend or save?
'I think this is really about personal choice, Vicks tends to be one of those products that is passed down the family - grandmother used it, so mother uses, etc. If you want to use an alternative that's fine but you must check the ingredients carefully especially as it's usually used on children and there might be something that they're allergic to. Seek medical advice especially if they have allergies or other breathing problems, such as asthma.'


What's it good for?
It's a pain-relieving product especially made for babies and children from 2 months to 6 years. It also calms a fever.

What does it contain?
Each dose contains 120mg paracetamol

Spend or save?
'When it comes to kids, buying the cheaper version is not always the best idea. Different versions have different colourings, flavourings and sugars in them. And maybe your kids have allergies to certain ingredients that you might find in the cheaper version. When treating children it's really important to think about what suits them.'

What to remember when buying medicine

Always check the label in case the formulation has changed or you're buying a different brand from before as there might be something that you're allergic to.

If you're unsure always get advice from the pharmacist. Kathleen says, 'Don't just look at the price and the ingredient list get some professional advice. Pharmacists are highly trained and knowledgeable and they might be able to recommend something that you'd not thought of that'll do a better job. Also, don't assume that everything is treatable with over-the-counter medicine - you might need to see your doctor.'

'If your child has a sore throat or a fever give them a frozen lolly, this will soothe their throat, lower their temperature and take their mind off their illness.'

Always seek professional medical advice and get urgent help if needed.

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