Woman's Own: 48-hour party diet

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Food nutritionist Monica Grenfell shows you how to party without piling on the pounds with her plan!

You know the scene - it's a few days before Christmas and those extra mince pies are taking their toll. You used to glide through the silly season without an extra pound or inch in sight. But now it seems the days of being effortlessly, youthfully slim and glamorous are gone and losing a couple of pounds certainly wouldn't hurt.

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But there are only 48 hours before the main event and surely you can't shed weight that fast - can you? Well, I'm here to tell you, yes, you can! I've pioneered this party panic diet and I guarantee that it really works. You'll lose pounds of unwanted weight because my high-fibre plan gathers up waste and whooshes it out of your system, leaving you up to 5lb lighter in just 48 hours!

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I've followed this diet and I have to day I didn't loose anything. I thought with it being a High Fibre diet I would be making frequent trips to the loo but this was quite the opposite. I've since noted down all the nutritional information from the diet and the fibre content equalled approx 23 grams which isn't excessive concidering the recommended amount per adult is 16g. Please correct me if i'm wrong as i'm not well up on all this and i'm more looking for advise than stating facts, sorry if it came across this way. Please can anyone advise or suggest where I went wrong. Thanks xx

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