Who is the Food Doctor Diet good for?

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If you've been battling with your weight for as long as you can remember, this diet could help you make a long-term change that will make you slimmer and healthier for life. The regular meals and snacks will help to combat hunger pangs, making this diet good for anyone who likes to snack.

What are the drawbacks?
In the first week of this plan you could experience some unpleasant side-effects. If you have relied on lots of caffeine to get you through the day you may feel lethargic, and the increase in liquids and fibre that you're consuming could cause some diarrhoea. However, any side-effects are a sign that the diet is working and should pass within a week.

What do you do?
To start with you can follow either a set 7 or 30-day plan, complete with recipes and snacks for each day. These will make sure your digestive system is healthy and will give you a good start.

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The 7-day plan is fairly rigid, although you can swap some meals for others in the plan if you don't like them. Once the seven days is over you take control yourself and eat what you want, keeping in mind the 10 principles that are key for this diet to work. However, if you'd prefer to have more guidance at the start and choose to follow the 30-day plan you'll have the same rigid first week but it becomes more flexible as you go along.

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