Cooking methods for weight loss

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Just a simple change to the way you cook can greatly reduce your calorie intake. Follow our guide bellow to see where you can make a change

Straightforward swaps

Ditch the salt, butter and oil - use herbs and spices instead, such as cumin, paprika, turmeric and chilli powder, or herbs like basil, parsley, tarragon and chives
Does your man love spicy food?

Use low-fat dairy products- instead of full-fat milk and cream to make sauces. Try low-fat yogurt, semi-skimmed milk, low-fat cheese, low-fat fromage frais and low-fat créme fraiche

Swap creamy sauces for tomato-based as long as it doesn't spoil the dish a tomato-based sauce is usually lower in fat
Try our easy fresh tomato sauce

Watch out!- Low-sugar or sugar-free foods often contain more fat than the regular version, so check the label carefully.
How to understand food labelling

Easy low-fat cooking methods

Braising - Meat is cooked slowly in a shallow dish of water, stock or wine. The dish is covered and the oven is on a high heat good for making meat really tender.
We've got some delicious braised dishes for the whole family

Grilling - Always a great way to cut down on fat and it's quick too

Marinating - Basically this is soaking meat, fish or vegetables in a liquid for a length of time. It's a good way of making bland food really flavoursome and as long as you don't add loads of oil to the marinade, it can be a really low-fat way to cook. After marinading, grill, bake or roast the food.
Try marinating tonight

Microwaving - You can cook almost anything in a microwave and you always need less fat - the only thing you need to watch for is that you don't overcook it as you can lose a lot of food nutrients that way

Poaching - Not just for eggs, chicken and fish are great poached and you can use stock to add flavour

Roasting - Cut back on how much oil you use and try spices and fresh herbs to add flavour, and if you find this method a bit dry cover the food with foil and spray with a little water.
We've got loads of roast recipes you can try

Steaming - Good for vegetables as it's quick and keeps the vegetables crunchy and full of vitamins

Light frying - It's fine to fry food once in a while as long as you use spray oil and ensure the pan is really hot

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You've got the cooking sussed, now get him moving - you don't need to literally kick him up the bum, just follow our clever tips, next

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