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The Slimming World Diet is based on eating low-density (calories per gram), low-calorie, high-fibre foods - with the odd treat too!

It's been going for more than 40 years and has helped millions of women lose weight. It was started by Margaret Miles-Bramwell, who came up with the diet while trying to lose weight herself.

Actress Rebecca Wheatley, 44, best known for playing receptionist Amy Howard in Casualty, lost an amazing 12 stone on this diet and has been crowned Slimming World's Woman of the Year. Read on to find out how she did it.

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You don't have to do Extra Easy; the new members' pack contains booklets with the Original, Green and Success Express plans in as well. I do Green all the time because it suits my vegetarian lifestyle better.

Lydia Munchkins Mummy Appleyar

I started sliming world 3 wks ago, have already lost 13 1/2 lbs. feeling great and loving the food. would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to change the way they eat. over the years I have tried every diet under the sun, some worked some didn't, but this is the only one that has made me change the way I look at food and changed how & what I eat.

Joan Henson

I lost 3 stone then was taken ill and lost my way. Have tried to go back to SW but do not like the Extra Easy and that is what they tallk about these days. I did try it but it just didn't work for me. I loved the red and green method.


I tried this and lost a stone but had to give up due to finance am disabled and had to get cab there and bacl plus fees too much in the end and fees have gone up again so its a no go for me but wish i could go again

emma pressnell

I have lost nearly 4 stone and i only started in feb o9, and i am in a wheelchair and can not do excisize.


I have lost 7 stone 5 pounds on this diet. Life Changing!!


have lost nearly 4 stones on this diet it works

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