How does the Slimming World Diet work?

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In some areas of the country your GP can refer you to a Slimming World club instead of prescribing weight loss medication.

There are several parts to the diet: Food Optimising, Body Magic (easy exercise and increased activity) and Mutual Support.

Food Optimising

This is the part of the plan that allows you to make choices based on how full and satisfied you want to feel. Slimming World has created a list of 'Free Foods' that will fill you up, satisfy your cravings, but are low-calorie too.

Slimming World Free Foods include:

Lean meat

Food Optimising is divided into three plans, one of which you follow depending on what sort of foods you normally enjoy.
  • The Green plan offers unlimited carbohydrates, like potatoes with measured protein, such as cheese.
  • The Red plan (also known as the original plan) offers unlimited amounts of protein, such as meat and poultry, with measured carbohydrates, such as bread.
  • The new Extra Easy plan is a flexible combination of both.

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Don't think that you'll be bored or stuck on a rigid diet - you can also have some of your favourite treats. At Slimming World a treat, whether that's a glass of wine, your favourite takeaway or a couple of biscuits, is known as a 'Syn'. All food and drink (outside the Food Optimising list) is given a Syn value - and you can have between 10 to 15 Syns a day!

It's not just about food - find out how else Slimming World can help you lose weight

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