How food can help prevent thrush

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Your body is naturally slightly alkaline. When its conditions change and become more acidic, candida can grow. Some foods can help restore the body's natural balance

Too much candida can be caused by lots of things, so the different ways that food can help is quite complex.
  • Candida loves acidic conditions and if something upsets the body's natural balance and the digestive system becomes more acidic, it can help candida growth and lead to thrush.
  • Some foods, like lemons and vegetables for example, can help to restore the body to its natural conditions.
  • Junk food and foods high in sugar will leave sugar in urine, which will feed the yeast and so possibly increase thrush.
  • As thrush is caused by the amount of yeast in the body, cutting yeast out of your diet can also help.
  • Other foods, such as herbs, may just help because they have anti-fungal agents which help to reduce the amount of candida in the body.

Combining food

Some experts suggest that avoiding eating some foods together will help because digestion will improve.

Food combining can make diets tricky, but if you're getting regular bouts of thrush it could help. If you're going to try food combining, follow these rules:
  • Eat meat with vegetables but not with carbohydrates like potatoes, pasta or rice.
  • Eat carbohydrates (wholewheat pasta, brown rice and potatoes) with vegetables but not with meat.
  • Drink plenty of water but not with your meals.
  • Eat fruit either on its own or before meals.

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