The Special K Diet: 'Drop a dress size in two-weeks'

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Special K cereal
If you're still trying to shift a few extra pounds you may have put on over Christmas, or the thought of wearing shorts and a T-shirt (let alone a bikini) fills you with dread, then this two-week plan may help you to drop a dress size and fit back into your summer wardrobe.

How does the Special K Diet work?

The diet's based around eating a bowl of Special K cereal for breakfast and either lunch or dinner. For your other meal you can eat anything you like as long as it's low fat and nutritionally balanced. Try to include fresh fruit and vegetables for an added nutritional boost.

Who is the Special K Diet good for?

People who want to shift a few extra pounds in time for a holiday or big event and those who don't have the time to follow complicated meal plans or put too much thought into what they're eating - it's great for busy mums.

However, Kelloggs stress that it is 'designed to be a quick fix, not a long-term program' and shouldn't be followed for any more than two weeks. It has also been suggested for people with a BMI over 25.

What are the drawbacks of the Special K Diet?

After a week you might start to feel a bit sick of cereal, but there are 11 different varieties to choose from including regular Special K, Special K Red Berries, Special K Oats And Honey and there's even a Special K Gluten-Free version.

Be careful if choosing the sweeter variety of cereal as the serving size is smaller. 3/4 cup instead of 1 cup for the calories to be the same.

What counts as a nutritionally balanced third meal?

A balanced meal should include one food from each food group - dairy, vegetables, fruits, grains and protein.

Once you get into the habit of healthy eating, it can quite easily become second nature to reach for vegetable sticks or a piece of fruit to snack on rather than food that's high in sugar or fat.

Can I snack between meals?

Yes, but instead of indulgent treats like crisps and chocolate, the plan recommends you eat fruit, vegetables, low-fat yogurt and Special K bars.

How much weight can I lose on the Special K Diet?

According to the Special K Challenge, you could lose up to 6 pounds in 14 days and drop a dress size if you stick to the eating plan.

Does the Special K Diet really work?

Dieters will most likely lose at least some weight on the Special K Diet since they are substituting other foods for low fat cereal twice a day. Researchers found that around 75% of people lost weight and had a slimmer waist and hips after two weeks on the diet.

Need some meal inspiration? See our examples below.

Special K Diet: Example meal plan one

Breakfast: 1 bowl of Special K Red Berries with 125mls semi-skimmed milk*

Snack: Apple

Lunch: Special K Creamy Berry Crunch with 125mls semi-skimmed milk*

Snack: Carrot sticks or Special K Bar

Evening meal: Grilled salmon with lemon and black pepper, boiled new potatoes, broccoli, carrots and peas

Dessert: Low fat yoghurt and banana

Drink: Consume plenty of (non-alcoholic) fluids throughout the day

Special K Diet: Example meal plan two

Breakfast: Special K Creamy Berry Crunch with 125mls semi-skimmed milk*

Snack: Banana

Lunch: Pitta pocket made with wholemeal pitta bread, plenty of salad, lean ham, chicken or low-fat cheese served with a low-fat yoghurt and a piece of fruit

Snack: Orange and a Special K bar

Evening meal: 1 bowl of Special K Red Berries with 125mls semi-skimmed milk*

Drink: Consume plenty of (non-alcoholic) fluids throughout the day
  • While on The Challenge, you can enjoy up to a 45g serving of any Special K cereal with skimmed, semi-skimmed milk, or a non-dairy alternative. A 45g serving is approximately 2 large handfuls or 1 average size coffee mug full.

Special K extra meal recipes:

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