Jade Goody's life on film

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Jade Goody at the 'Just Jade' TV launch, 24 May 08
We all know that photographs alone simply don't do Jade justice, we want to see her with her full-volume glory.

We've pulled together videos from when we first met Jade on Big Brother, through the years when her celebrity status (and our obsession) grew beyond belief, and ending with the latest videos of her tragic final days battling with cervical cancer. And if you missed the first part of Jade: With Love on Living TV you can watch a clip from the programme below.

Click on one of the pictures below to see our video collection of Jade's most memorable moments...

Continued below...

Jade dies on Mother's DayJade Remembered...

Celebrity tributes to JadeNow magazine's Jade special

'Jade: With Love' from Living TVJade's final message to her sons

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