Sexual health advice: Pregnant again, chlamydia

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8. I had a baby 5 months ago and think I might be pregnant again. I took a test 2 weeks ago and it was negative, but I've noticed lots of signs like cravings and sore breasts. Could I be pregnant?

You can get pregnant again very quickly following childbirth, even if you are fully breastfeeding. You don't mention if you've been using contraception, and if you have what type.

A negative pregnancy test may be because you took it too early to pick up the pregnancy hormone - try repeating the test in one week. If the result is negative, visit your GP for further investigation.

9. My boyfriend had chlamydia and took antibiotics for it. How long before we can have sex again?

If your boyfriend has had chlamydia and taken antibiotics then you need to have the same treatment because it's possible that you may also have the infection.

Do not have sex again until both of you have completed treatment (not even if you use a condom) as you could re-infect each other.

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