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KFC have decided to join other fast-food chains and are offering a healthy alternative to the usual deep-fried chicken.

The 'Brazer Salad' is marinated chicken-breast fillet served with salad and is a mere 110 calories, you can also have the chicken in a tortilla wrap 'Brazer Twister' (377 calories) or on a ciabatta bun 'Brazer Burger' (430 calories.) KFC are also offering an option to 'Lighten Up' swapping fries for sweetcorn or beans or a regular drink for a diet drink saving you nearly 300 calories (at no extra cost.) Would this tempt you to be healthier? Let us know by commenting below or on our facebook page.

Find out the nutritional values for all of your other favourite KFC meals so you know what to choose. All nutritional values are per portion (as you buy it) unless it says otherwise.


Crispy strips*1120.2g5.4g1.3g1.3g
Popcorn chicken (L)4770.7g28.8g5.8g3.5g
Popcorn chicken (R)2940.4g17.8g3.6g2.3g
Fillet burger (R)4415.4g15.6g3.4g2.8g
Tower zinger burger6689g33.3g6g4.3g
Zinger burger (R)4815.4g20.8g2.3g2.8g
Tower burger (R)6289.2g28.2g7.1g4.3g
Hot wings*930.1g6.4g1.4g0.5g
Original recipe chicken (drumstick)1530.2g9g2g1.1g
Original recipe chicken (breast)2670.5g12.5g2.9g1.4g
Original recipe chicken (drumstick)1530.2g9g2g1.1g
Brazer salad 110 2.2g 1.4g 0.5g 0.5g
Brazer Twister 377
 3.4g 14.4g 4g 0.9g
Brazer Burger 430
 38.3g 25.3g 5.8g 1.1g

  • per item (eg. wing/strip etc)

Best main: Brazer Salad
Worst main:Tower zinger burger


Coleslaw (R)1347.1g11.2g0.9g0.5g
Coleslaw (L)26814.2g22.4g1.8g1.3g
Corn cobette1451.7g8.7g1.3gTrace
Fries (R)2750.4g13.2g2.9gTrace
Fries (L)3770.6g19.4g4.3gTrace

Best side: Regular coleslaw BUT it has a very high sugar content
Worst side: Large fries BUT it has low salt and sugar

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