Pizza Hut: Starters and veggie pizzas

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Pizza Hut have some great deals for feeding the family, so if you're taking the kids for a treat, make sure you know what the healthiest choices are for you all.

Starters and sides (per portion)

.Portion sizeCaloriesFatSaturatesSalt
Potato wedgesN/A38216.1g7g1.3g
Texan BBQ chicken wings635521.8g5.5g1.43g
Garlic bread438218.5g5.5g1.08g
Garlic bread with cheese456834g16.5g2.15g

Best starter: Texan chicken wings BUT it still has 5.5g of saturated fat and 355 cals!
Worst starter: A bowl of nachos with 669 calories and 15.3g of saturated fat

Pizzas (per slice)


.Slices per pizzaCaloriesFatSaturatesSalt
Cheesy bites833712.9g6.8g1.9g
Individual Italian41765.3g2.7g1g
Medium Italian62047g3.6g1g
Large Italian82308.7g4.1g1.3g
Individual pan41898.1g2.6g0.8g
Medium pan625611.4g4.1g1.1g
Large pan635521.8g5.5g1.43g
Stuffed crust831811.3g6.3g1.5g

Vegetable supreme

.Slices per pizzaCaloriesFatSaturatesSalt
Cheesy bites831210g4.9g1.7g
Individual Italian41604.7g1.8g0.8g
Medium Italian61966.1g2.7g1g
Large Italian82226.3g2.6g1.2g
Individual pan41807.6g2g0.7g
Medium pan626311.2g3.4g1g
Large pan825811.6g3.6g1g
Stuffed crust830810.8g5.9g1.6g

- Find out the nutritional values in Pizza Hut's meat pizzas

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