Pizza Hut: Meat pizzas

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Check the nutritional values of Pizza Hut's most popular meat-topped pizzas.

.Slices per pizzaCaloriesFatSaturatesSalt
Cheesy bites833212.6g6.6g2g
Individual Italian41886g3.1g1g
Medium Italian61935.4g2.7g1.2g
Large Italian82076.8g2.9g1.3g
Individual pan41807.5g2.2g0.8g
Medium pan624210.4g3.4g1.1g
Large pan825711.1g3.5g1.3g
Stuffed crust829310g5.3g1.6g


.Slices per pizzaCaloriesFatSaturatesSalt
Cheesy bites831610.6g5.3g1.9g
Individual Italian41644.1g2g0.9g
Medium Italian62015.6g2.4g1.2g
Large Italian82217g3g1.3g
Individual pan41756.5g2g0.8g
Medium pan62459.8g3.2g1.2g
Large pan829312.7g3.3g1.3g
Stuffed crust830610.3g5.7g1.7g

Pepperoni Feast

.Slices per pizzaCaloriesFatSaturatesSalt
Cheesy bites838216.7g8g2.2g
Individual Italian42058.4g4g1.2g
Medium Italian62549.8g4.7g1.4g
Large Italian828613.3g6.3g1.6g
Individual pan422710.8g3.9g1g
Medium pan629715.9g6.1g1.4g
Large pan834720.2g7.5g1.6g
Stuffed crust837516.2g8.3g1.9g

Meat feast

.Slices per pizzaCaloriesFatSaturatesSalt
Cheesy bites838716.2g7.4g2.4g
Individual Italian42208.8g3.9g1.5g
Medium Italian625710.9g4.8g1.6g
Large Italian827912.7g5.4g1.9g
Individual pan42209.9g3.5g1.1g
Medium pan629413.9g5.1g1.5g
Large pan834416.4g5.8g1.7g
Stuffed crust837615.8g7.3g2.1g

Best pizza: Individual Italian Vegetable Supreme
Worst pizza: Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Feast

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